• What’s In A “Biopharma” Name?

    As exciting new modalities, hybrids, and conjugates blur therapeutic lines, let’s not forget what “bio” means, how biologic therapeutics are distinguished, and why they were delineated as such in the first place. Make sure you're not a BINO (Bio In Name Only) when you’re naming your “biotech.”

FDA Submission Automation: Coming To A Cloud Near You

The FDA is laying the groundwork for standardized, cloud-based electronic submission standards via an initiative that leverages data automation and artificial intelligence. What will it mean to biopharma filers?

Bench To Boardroom: A Scientist-Turned-CEO’s Journey

Novadip Biosciences CEO Denis Dufrane, M.D., Ph.D. got a crash course in biopharma leadership, but not before he left cell therapy research on his own timeframe. He sat down with Bioprocess Online to tell us what he learned.

Antibody-Drug Conjugates: Increasing Investment In R&D And Partnerhip

DeciBio’s Antibody-Drug Conjugates 2023 Industry Survey points to progress in ADC development. Respondents anticipate lower regulatory, financial, and R&D barriers as the technology matures. Senior Life Science Expert Joe Daccache, Ph.D. gave us an insider's look at the numbers.

What's True Of Mice ≠ What's True Of Men

After losing his mother to pancreatic cancer, entrepreneur Alex Blyth launched an immuno-oncology company that’s developing a novel allogeneic cell therapy. The company, LIfT BioSciences, recently received a shot in the arm when it was accepted into Johnson & Johnson Innovation’s JLABS network.






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