• Securing Biotech Funding When Economies Get Wild

    There’s disruption on the startup biotech money trail. Navigating it requires a pliable strategy. Here, multi-time founder and investor Bert Liang shares insight on raising funds during volatile times. 

A New Cost Paradigm For CAR Cell Therapies?

Hear from Acepodia CEO Sonny Hsiao about his company's claims that its proprietary approach to conjugating novel natural killer cells could reduce the cost of cellular therapeutics.

View From Tokyo: Rise Of The “Values” Chain

The Wuhan coronavirus outbreak has brokered a virulent "value" chain debate around the world, including a global CDMO's CEO situated in Tokyo. 

The Real Threat To Biopharma Supply Chains: Bioprocessing Materials

The COVID-19 induced risk to biopharma is not a shortage of pharmaceutical ingredients. It’s the constricting supply of consumable materials and equipment necessary to produce therapies from them. Mike Piccarreta, Partner at Kearney, offers an outlook and practical advice on supply stabilization in this BioProcess Online exclusive. 

ILC Therapeutics’ Interferon Alpha 14 Joins The COVID-19 Fight

The Glasgow-based emerging biopharma recently tapped veteran biotech leader Alan Walker as CEO as it moves ahead with two therapeutic candidates, an rIFN alpha14 focused on early-stage COVID-19 infection and a tick-derived Evasin targeting late-stage COVID-19 ARDS patients.



  • Preparing For Your CDMO Selection Process

    Finding the CDMO that is right for your company and project can be a daunting task, particularly if this is your first time outsourcing. Don't be unprepared from the outset of your search. 

  • Accelerated, Cost-Effective Adenoviral Vector Vaccine Manufacturing

    This whitepaper describes our collaboration with the Jenner Institute, Oxford University to develop an optimized, single-use GMP process for manufacturing adenoviral vector-based vaccines.

  • More Efficient Bispecific Antibody Purification With Fewer Steps

    A single-step downstream process using protein A chromatography to purify a bispecific antibody (BsAb) in early screening has been successfully developed to replace an existing-three step process.

  • Optimizing Drug Safety And Efficacy Of Complex Next-Generation Biologics

    Challenges exist when developing biologic drugs to be efficacious but safe. Novel analytical techniques, like surface plasmon resonance, can help circumvent these issues and optimize development.

  • Industry Trends Changing Sterile Filtration

    To help meet the needs of both large- and small-scale operations, suppliers of sterilizing-grade filters have developed new products and technologies to help meet the needs of today’s biomanufacturing processes. Industry trends toward intensified processing and increased implementation of single-use systems are changing approaches to sterile filtration and bioburden control in biomanufacturing processes.

  • Freezing And Thawing Of Protein Solution

    Parts of a protein solution will show less activity based on the stress it's exposed to during freezing and thawing. It's important to optimize the freezing and thawing process to minimize activity loss.




Designing biopharma production systems and facilities presents daily challenges, given dynamic variables like diverse processes, product frailties, space constraints, and more. This ebook covers the major aspects of the facility engineering “puzzle,” while offering some of the “how to” you’ll need to solve it.

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