• 7 Bioprocess Intensification Strategies

    “Process intensification” is one of those big umbrella terms that unfairly implies a concept that comes with an instruction manual. It doesn’t. It isn’t prescriptive. It doesn’t have to start in a specific place, and it really never ends.

Single Use In Biopharma: Beyond Savings & Sustainability

SUT continues to trend in biopharmaceutical applications, driven largely by environmental and economic considerations. But there’s a lot more to the SUT story, including supply chain and standardization advantages. We dove headlong into those issues and more with independent SUT expert Paul Priebe and Krystal Biotech VP of Technical Operations Mark Petrich.

Improving AAV Purity Upstream With PCL Manufacturing

The downstream separation of AAV capsids affects end-product purity and has been identified as a key pain point of the industry. Ultragenyx’s Dennis Huang advises starting with higher-quality yields upstream.

Eying Up The Era Of Topical Biologics

Claris Bio’s phase 1/2 clinical trial in patients with Stage 2 or 3 Neurotrophic Keratitis (NK) is breaking new ground in the development of topically administered biologic therapies. 

Doubling Down On Biopharma's Growing Skills Drought

The biopharmaceutical industry is building manufacturing capacity at breakneck speed. According to PhRMA, there are 1,580-and-counting biopharma manufacturing facilities in the U.S. alone. Problem is, we're way short on filling those facilities with skilled labor. NIIMBL wants to change that. Here's how, and a great opportunity for big pharma, biotech sponsors, CDMOs, academics, and more to help.






This collection of articles, produced through a partnership between MilliporeSigma and Bioprocess Online, highlights the need for ongoing investment in resilient biomanufacturing capacity and supply chains to ensure the reliable delivery of health technologies like vaccines, even during crisis conditions.

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