Bioprocessing Application Notes & Case Studies

  1. Single-Step Influenza And Dengue Virus Purification With Mixed-Mode CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite XT Media

    As a media for simple, fast, scalable, and reproducible viral purification, CHT XT Media meets the demand for a robust media with excellent life time and single-step purification functionality for healthy process economics.


  2. S.U.B. Enhancements For High-Density Perfusion Cultures

    This study presents how strategic enhancements to the sparge and agitation systems of Thermo Scientific™ HyPerforma™ S.U.B.s have revealed the potential for a three- to four-fold improvement in mixing and mass transfer performance compared to legacy S.U.B. designs.

  3. Mass Transfer Of Single-Use Fermenters To Stirred Glass Bioreactors

    The HyPerforma S.U.F. performs similarly to stainless steel SIP/CIP fermentors, making it the best option against other single-use reactors that fall below the mark.

  4. Scale-up And Tech Transfer From 100 L SIP/CIP Vessel To The 300 L S.U.F.

    A collaborative study with a new customer with the objective of taking an existing, smaller preclinical E. coli process previously performed in stainless steel vessels and scaling it up quickly using the Thermo Scientific™ HyPerforma™ 300 L Single-Use Fermentor (S.U.F.)

  5. Total Transportation Management Saves Company $10.2 Million

    A leading multinational pharmaceutical company approached Fisher Clinical Services with an extensive clinical trial pipeline and the need to achieve a comprehensive, fully-managed transportation strategy. Learn more about our outsourced transportation option that delivered tangible results.

  6. Innovative, Flexible, And Time-Sensitive Packaging Solutions

    Given the rapidly changing landscape of today's trials, if sponsors wish to succeed, they must remain vigilant - attending to every detail of the process. Learn more about how several sponsors achieved success through these case-study examples.

  7. Buffer Filter Selection Guidelines

    In biotech drug manufacture, a significant proportion of filtration costs are attributable to filters utilized for removing fine contaminants and low levels of bioburden from buffers and wash fluids

  8. Chromassette®: Equivalent Performance Of Individual And Stacked Cassettes

    The stacking ability of matched Chromassette devices enables easy and quick adjustment of resin volumes in order to meet the capacity requirements of individual processes.

  9. Chromassette®: Examples Of Recently Tested Resins Suggest Wide Applicability Of The Technology

    This application note details bed integrity testing of some resins recently packed in Chromassette devices prior to shipment to end users.

  10. Evaluation Of Chromassette® Packed With Cation Exchange Resin

    A modular chromatography technology that readily meets today’s bio-separation scale up demands for improved ease of use.