Bioprocessing White Papers

  1. Securing Bioprocess Film Supply

    Learn how a partnership built on technical expertise and trust is helping to secure the supply of a single-use film built for bioprocessing.

  2. Extractables Testing On Single-Use Connectors

    Appropriating BPOG testing on single-use connectors to mitigate the risks of E&L, as demonstrated in this article, is crucial to delivering safe and effective drugs.

  3. Demystifying Extractables Testing

    It is critical anyone utilizing single-use technology understands the differences between the various guidances available for extractables analysis and which testing approaches are most suited to the study goals.

  4. Role Of Cell Based Potency Assay In Functional Characterization Of Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs)

    Characterization of an originator monoclonal antibody (mAb), or comparability study between originator mAb and biosimilar candidate mAb, are challenging due to the highly complex and variable structure of monoclonal antibodies. The characterization of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies should include a wide range of analytical techniques; as well as binding and cell-based potency assays in order to reflect the main mechanism of action and effector function of the mAb of interest.

  5. Early Product Characterization Mitigates Risks In Biologics Development

    The relationship between the basic physicochemical profile and biological activity — and how this relationship affects clinical performance — is a key component of making informed decisions, accelerating development, and reducing risk throughout the product life cycle.

  6. Development Pathways For ATMPs: Virus Safety Challenges And Regulatory Perspective

    There is an increased risk of viral contamination in settings where ATMPs are prepared, making it critical to understand the contamination risks and the solutions available to control them.

  7. Benefits And Challenges Of Driving Modernization In Vaccine Development

    Protein Sciences learned several valuable lessons during the development and final regulatory approval of its recombinant hemagglutinin (rHA) influenza vaccine, Flublok.

  8. Biosafety Considerations For Single-Use Bioreactors

    Single-use bioreactors are widely accepted in the pharmaceutical industry and are increasingly being used to perform mammalian cell cultures in commercial manufacturing applications. They address some of the key challenges the industry faces by decreasing time-to-market, reducing validation efforts, increasing flexibility, reducing investment costs and optimizing cost of goods.

  9. Addressing New Chromatography Challenges With Fiber Absorbents

    An absorbent material using a novel proprietary structure overcomes the diffusional and flow limitations of packed bed chromatography purification systems and aims to address the capacity issues.

  10. CMC Strategies For The Development Of A Bispecific Antibody Platform for Cancer Immunotherapy

    Bispecific antibody development presents many challenges in product expression, bispecific purification, product stability, and scale up of the manufacturing process.