Multi-Parameter Information On Conformational And Colloidal Stability


Prometheus Panta

With Prometheus Panta, you’ll see liabilities or stability enhancements that other technologies miss.

Only Prometheus Panta enables you to measure thermal stability, aggregation, and particle sizing and dispersity in a single run – label-free, and without using lots of sample. Unveil hidden stability behaviors and feel confident that you’re progressing with the best candidates and conditions. Get trustworthy, high-resolution data on your protein’s stability from Prometheus Panta.

Prometheus Panta​ consistently delivers trustworthy, high-resolution stability characterization

Collect precise, high-resolution data and reliable results every time
Measuring with precision matters when the differences between your candidates are subtle. Prometheus Panta delivers the high-resolution stability data you need to spot those differences and decide which candidates are best to work with moving forward.

Future-proof your lab and be prepared for any throughput or experiment type
Prometheus Panta works for large experiments with a single purpose, such as buffer screening; or for complex, multi-step processes like developability profiling. And when big projects come your way, get all your conformational and colloidal stability info in a hands-free, automated manner.

Learn more about your protein samples without wasting sample
With multiple technologies collecting conformational and colloidal stability data from a single sample, you gain a deeper understanding of your molecule’s behavior when assessing your protein. Prometheus Panta offers a combinatorial approach to selecting ideal drug candidates and conditions.

Get started right away with hassle-free software
It doesn’t take an expert to learn everything you need to know about your protein samples. Prometheus Panta makes it easy to get started, both with operation and data analysis. Spend less time struggling to interpret your data and more time making decisions about your proteins.

Whatever your research goals, there’s a system for you

There are several versions of Prometheus Panta available for whatever your lab needs. They all provide the highest-resolution, highest-quality data, and do so on an intuitive and user-friendly software interface.

Find the right configuration for your lab.

  • Prometheus Panta

Choose Prometheus Panta for full stability and developability profiles for your proteins, including thermal stability, particle sizing and purity, and aggregation.

  • Prometheus Panta plus Robotic Autosampler

For high-throughput developability or formulations screening, turn to the Prometheus Panta with the Robotic Autosampler to get full stability profiles on up to 1536 samples, hands-free.

Where Prometheus Panta​ is making a difference

Therapeutic drug discovery & development- Rank and select candidates such as monoclonal antibodies for drug development pipelines.

Gene Therapy- Differentiate AAV serotypes and determine the purity of your vector preps

Structural biology- Maximize protein solubility and stability before crystallization or Cryo-EM to improve the quality of your structural data


Thermal shift assays- Screen for small molecule drug candidate compounds that increase the stability of your target protein, indicating an interaction

Self-association determination- Determine if a protein is more likely to self-associate, and therefore become viscous or aggregated

Chemical stability assessment- Do chemical denaturation experiments to find the free energy of unfolding of your proteins

Accelerated stability studies- Extrapolate the long-term stability of your proteins with high-temp isothermal measurements

What sets Prometheus Panta​ apart when it comes to data quality

Prometheus Panta isn’t the only instrument around that provides the data you need for your work. So why choose it? Prometheus Panta offers the highest-quality data so you never doubt the quality of your measurements, and make decisions about your proteins with confidence.

Provide replicate measurements with minimal deviation between individual samples

High resolution
Detect multiple unfolding events or distinguish differences in unfolding profiles even among proteins with similar Tms

Broad dynamic range
Measure samples at high or low concentrations

High level of sensitivity
See meaningful transitions even at low sample concentrations

High level of specificity
Distinguish the signal of your protein of interest from the signal of the buffer or matrix, without the need for a blank or calibration

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