Life Science Webinars

  1. Scale-up Of High-Area Filters For Microfiltration Of Biological Fluids

    In this webinar a M-pleat pattern is demonstrated to provide up to 100% more membrane area than a conventional pleat pattern.

  2. Parvovirus Retentive Filter Spiking Study Best Practices

    Parvovirus retentive filters are a commonly implemented and validated viral clearance technology within bioprocesses (mAb/recombinant and plasma fractionation). Regulatory guidance stresses that viral clearance filter validations be as representative of full scale manufacturing as possible to ensure the validity of the study results. There are a number of critical factors to consider during validation which can present challenges in maintaining this representativeness. If these factors are not properly addressed in the study design, retention and/or capacity could be negatively impacted.

  3. Viral Clearance With Viresolve® Pro Solution Prefiltration Strategies For Optimizing Performance

    Having challenges optimizing your virus clearance filter capacity and flux? Join us for our upcoming webinar to learn how prefiltration technologies can provide significant increases in the performance of your viral clearance filter.

  4. Tech Transfer And Scale-Up – Tips And Tricks From A Biodevelopment Center

    This presentation covers points to consider for successful tech transfers, and includes lessons learned from real cases.

  5. Rapid Methodologies For Biosafety Testing Of Biologic Therapeutics

    This webinar explores how rapid methodologies are being used to not only accelerate this process, but also enhance quality by reducing testing complexity.

  6. Current Regulatory Expectations And Technical Advances In The Quality Control Of Biological Medicinal Products

    This webinar describes a number of topics in the areas of cell line characterization and bulk harvest testing for contaminants where new technical innovations are occurring. The regulatory response to these developments is also discussed.

  7. Use Nanofiltration To Prevent Virus Contamination Of Cell Culture Processes

    The Viresolve® Barrier filter offers opportunities for efficient processing of cell culture media components to reduce the risk of bioreactor contamination.

  8. Next Generation mAb Processing: Technical And Regulatory Considerations

    In this webinar, you will learn the risks of implementing next generation processing, manufacturing planning with regulatory lot definition, and viral safety with new adsorption, filtration, and inactivation steps.

  9. Complete Single-Use ADC Technology From Development Through Scale-Up

    Millipore offers a broad range of single-use equipment, custom designed with our experts to meet the challenging needs of ADC production.

  10. Successful Drug Development With Synthetic Lipids

    This webinar highlights critical aspects relating to synthetic lipids as raw materials for lipidic formulations, strategies to minimize risk when choosing these, as well as insights into tailored manufacturing and lipids with optimized properties.