Life Science Webinars

  1. Biosimilars As A Nice Cake. But Why Would You Share Your Cake?

    The Webinar will focus on what should be considered in order to make the best choice to develop one given biosimilar instead of another. Secondly, we will consider the main requirements to be successful in delivering such a biosimilar on the market.

  2. Bench to Clinic – Preclinical & First-in-Man Drug Development Strategies

    In this webinar, industry experts discuss several factors that impact early phase development and clinical success to help progress development to the next phase in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

  3. The Proof Is In The Pudding: Bacterial Retention Of Sterilizing Grade Membranes

    While the theoretical foundation of microbial retention by sterilizing grade membrane filters has not changed, advances in technology allow us to better understand the mechanisms and predict its performance. 

  4. Biologics Manufacturing - Is Your Company Ready?

    This webcast will not only reveal the current trends and challenges in Biologics manufacturing, but also new business models and how technology can drive high quality and operational efficiency. 

  5. Process of the Future: Cheaper, Faster and Safer With Single-Use

    Cell culture transfer from one vial to containers such as T-flasks or shake flasks, and then to the bioreactor, is usually one of these open phases. These critical steps may take several days or even weeks, and can results in delays if a contamination occurs.

  6. An Alternative To Achieve Speed And Scalability To Microbial Expression For Next-Gen Therapeutics

    The newly developed G1-3 fermentation process makes use of short, straightforward fermentation regimes for optimized space time yield.

  7. Biosimilars: Regulatory Trends and Quality Control Testing Requirements

    This webinar will review regulatory expectations in assessing the comparability of biosimilars through protein chemistry techniques and cell based bioassays. Key considerations for developing robust bioassays for biosimilar comparison will be presented.

  8. How To Make Novel Therapies A Reality In Tomorrow's Complex Biopharma Landscape

    A recent survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit highlights the new products that the biopharma industry identifies as most disruptive to their growth strategies in the next five years. The findings raise a challenge to biopharma to go beyond barriers to bringing new products to market by presenting ways to overcome these hurdles and make novel therapies a reality.

  9. How Cold Chain Planning Impacts Development And Commercialization Of Regenerative Therapies

    New therapeutic products require new technologies, capabilities, resources and a thorough understanding of how temperature impacts preclinical and clinical studies and commercialization of regenerative medicines.

  10. Model Time-Dependent Processes More Accurately, Improve Quality And Control

    Batch Modeling is important for process development and understanding the process for batch similarity and why some batches give a product quality outside the specifications.