Life Science Webinars

  1. Complete Single-Use ADC Technology From Development Through Scale-Up

    Millipore offers a broad range of single-use equipment, custom designed with our experts to meet the challenging needs of ADC production.

  2. Successful Drug Development With Synthetic Lipids: Critical Aspects And Strategies

    This webinar will highlight critical aspects relating to synthetic lipids as raw materials for lipidic formulations, strategies to minimize risk when choosing these, as well as insights into tailored manufacturing and lipids with optimized properties.

  3. Demonstrating Process Scalability With Robust And Turnkey Platforms

    In this webinar, you will learn about demonstrating the process development and scale-up of a recombinant CHOZN® GS clone in EX-CELL® Advanced™ cell culture media from small-scale up to 50 L pilot scale.

  4. Driving Value In The Evolution Toward Continuous mAb Processing

    In taking a more strategic view toward monoclonal antibody manufacturing, there is a drive to develop processes with higher productivity and improved economics without sacrificing robustness or quality. 

  5. Achieving Operational Excellence In The Lab

    In our on-demand webinar you can learn how you could emulate Bayer’s success, and how they are continuing to use E-WorkBook to improve lab practices, increase laboratory efficiency and build a laboratory environment suited for business needs both now and in the future.

  6. The Role Of BPOG Extractables Data In The Adoption Of Single-Use Systems

    Explore an approach to interpret the extractables data generated for single-use components used in biopharmaceutical processes by adopting the BPOG (BioPhorum Operations Group) protocol as a baseline testing strategy.

  7. High Productivity Membrane Chromatography: Enabling The Next Generation Bioprocessing Paradigm

    A new single-use (per batch) chromatography platform employs traditional, proven chemistries in an inventive hydrogel polymer membrane format that enables the next generation bioprocessing paradigm. 

  8. Streamlining Biopharmaceutical Cell Line Development

    A webinar to learn about challenges faced with traditional expression systems and how a CHO cell line with the glutamine synthetase knock-out via ZFN provides benefits for fast, efficient cell line development with stable and high titer expression.

  9. Process Intensification Solutions for mAb Bioprocessing

    Learn about polishing technologies that enable a fully flow through polishing platform and how implementation of next generation processing can positively impact facility fit limitations.

  10. Intensified Perfusion: How a High Density Cell Culture Medium Can Positively Impact Your Upstream Productivity and Economics

    Explore the economic benefits when using a cell culture medium designed specifically for perfusion processes and the proactive risk measures suppliers need to take to facilitate the manufacturer’s business continuity and product quality.