Life Science Webinars

  1. How Leveraging An Asia-Pacific Network Can Create Regional Efficiencies In Clinical Supply Management

    Clinical packaging, logistics and import/export considerations that should be taken into account when developing a clinical supply strategy in China, Singapore and Japan.

  2. Navigating Clinical Supply Challenges In Emerging Regions

    Don't let the complex logistics involved in the handling of clinical supplies in certain regions of the world put your patients at risk or jeopardize both the study budget and timeline.

  3. Process Intensification Solutions for mAb Bioprocessing

    Learn about polishing technologies that enable a fully flow through polishing platform and how implementation of next generation processing can positively impact facility fit limitations.

  4. Intensified Perfusion: How a High Density Cell Culture Medium Can Positively Impact Your Upstream Productivity and Economics

    Explore the economic benefits when using a cell culture medium designed specifically for perfusion processes and the proactive risk measures suppliers need to take to facilitate the manufacturer’s business continuity and product quality.

  5. Beyond The Buy: The Critical Role Of Data, Relationships, And Experience In Comparator Sourcing Success

    Successfully sourcing commercial products for comparative studies often proves far more challenging than assumed. A comprehensive plan should include insight from comparator sourcing and clinical supply management, and effective  collaboration between these critical functional areas is crucial.

  6. Optimizing Your Plate-Based Assay Workflows

    Using workflow based software solutions to guide scientists through various processes in low to high throughput screening campaigns.

  7. Leveraging Machine Learning For Decision Making In The Lab

    This webinar explores some use cases to show how machine learning and Big Data analytics can help overcome the challenges facing the biopharmaceutical industry through more confident data-driven decisions.

  8. Looking Under The Hood Of The Unified Lab

    Striving to bring the way we acquire, share and gain insights from scientific data, through a community and the framework for standardization and linked data.

  9. Integrity Test Troubleshooting

    Integrity testing is a critical operation, especially for sterilizing grade filters. When performed correctly, an integrity test is a fast, definitive, non-destructive way to assure filter retention performance.

  10. Solvents, Polymers & Cyclones: Bioavailability Enhancement Through Spray-Dried Dispersions

    Very few new molecular entities in active clinical development are readily bioavailable, and when dosed at escalated levels, even these may not be sufficiently absorbed. Learn how spray-dried amorphous dispersion might help.