Life Science Webinars

  1. Orally Disintegrating Tablet (ODT): A Patient-Centric Dosage Form

    As compared to IV route, ODT can provide a convenient oral route of administration for proteins, peptides and vaccines. Join experts from Catalent for an overview of the challenges and opportunities in using ODT technology as a patient-centric drug delivery tool and get updates on the new developments in ODT technology including delivery of peptides and vaccines.

  2. Accelerated ADC Development With Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

    This webinar highlights the advantages when working with one source on your mAb, linker/payload supplies, and conjugation services.

  3. Challenges And Opportunities In The Development Of Biologic Drugs

    With transformational changes in biologics, there are increasingly newer formats of new biologic drugs including bispecific antibodies, antibody drug conjugates and antibody-peptide fusion proteins.

  4. Optimize Biologic Drug Development With The Power Of Scientific Informatics

    Many organizations in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries have increased their efforts in biotherapeutic drug development to remain competitive by shifting their activities away from small molecule toward biologics drug development.

  5. Genetic Engineering Of CHO Cells For Viral Resistance To MVM

    In this webinar Joaquina Mascarenhas, Ph.D. of Milliporesigma will discuss the following...

  6. Creating A New Synergy Between Single-Use Adopters And Suppliers

    In this webinar Celia Landers from MilliporeSigma discusses finding the optimal path to balance single-use lead times with design flexibility and supply predictability. 

  7. Aseptic Process Sampling – A Regulatory Perspective

    This webinar discusses aseptic process sampling with a focus on the regulatory aspects.

  8. Developing Site-Specifically Modified ADCs Using A Chemoenzymatic Approach

    Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) have become de rigueur for pharmaceutical oncology drug development pipelines. There are more than 40 ADCs undergoing clinical trials and many more in preclinical development. Get the latest on novel protein modification platform and its application to generate ADCs, including new conjugation chemistries and linkers.

  9. Get To Clinic Faster: Navigating Complex Biologics Through Development And Manufacturing

    With the increasing complexity of biologics and growing competition, a comprehensive approach involving advanced drug delivery and development technologies, as well as cutting-edge analytical techniques is needed to support development goals. Learn about the strategies to drive biologics and biosimilar development programs and meet aggressive development timelines.

  10. Should Your Next Clinical Trial Use A New Supply Model?

    Clinical supply models need to provide for an adequate supply of patient kits that allow for variations in patient recruitment levels and clinical site activity.