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'Patch on a Chip' under development by Axon Instruments
New fabrication method will allow thousands of simultaneous patch clamp recordings...
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ViralSEQ™ Vesivirus Detection Assay ViralSEQ™ Vesivirus Detection Assay
Viral contamination in mammalian product manufacturing presents a serious risk to the manufacturing process, the manufacturing facility, and the integrity of the product. Vesivirus 2117 is an RNA virus that has reemerged as a potential threat to mammalian cell culture production.
AxiChrom™ Chromatography Columns AxiChrom™ Chromatography Columns
The AxiChrom™ column platform is a revolutionary concept in column chromatography that simplifies column handling at all scales from process development to full-scale production.
BalanCD® CHO Feed 1: Chemically-Defined Feed Medium BalanCD® CHO Feed 1: Chemically-Defined Feed Medium

BalanCD® CHO Feed 1 is a chemically-defined protein-free feed medium designed to provide cell culture nutrients for fed-batch applications in conjunction with BalanCD® CHO Growth A.

Sartobind® IEX Jumbo Sartobind® IEX Jumbo
Sartobind Jumbo capsules are ion exchange chromatography devices based on macroporous membranes. They can be used for chromatographic separations in the downstream processing of proteins.
IVD Magnetic Beads: Magnosphere™ IVD Magnetic Beads: Magnosphere™

Magnosphere™ is a superparamagnetic particle for in vitro diagnostics and bio research applications.

WIT-Trolley Filter Integrity Testing System WIT-Trolley Filter Integrity Testing System
The Trolley System includes the equipment needed for automatic Water Intrusion Testing (WIT).
Vydac® Peptide And Protein Purification Media Vydac® Peptide And Protein Purification Media

Vydac® silicas are well defined, high purity, totally porous separation media that meet the most demanding needs of preparative and process scale users. Vydac® 300Å reversed-phase media have excellent selectivity and reproducibility.

LifeASSURE™ PSA Series Sterilizing Grade Nylon Membrane Filter LifeASSURE™ PSA Series Sterilizing Grade Nylon Membrane Filter

Encompassing two leading-edge processes, multi-zone microporous membrane construction and Advanced Pleating Technolog (APT) design, LifeASSURE™ PSA Series filters offer robust 0.20 and 0.10 micron absolute-rated filtration and exceptionally long service life.

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Optima X Series Ultracentrifuge: Energy Efficient Technology, Real-Time Data Tracker

Beckman Coulter's Randall Lockner, marketing manager for centrifugation, explains the highlights of the floor model ultracentrifuge, the Optima X Series.

Large Scale Automated Depth Filtration Video

The Zeta Plus Encapsulated System product portfolio for single-use depth filtration has been expanded to include the Model# 16EZC Multi-Round Holder.

GE Healthcare At AAPS: FTA DMPK Cards
Jim Robbins and Julie Hilton Demonstrate GE Healthcare's Whatman Indicating FTA DMPK cards.
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