IVD Magnetic Beads: Magnosphere™

Source: JSR Life Sciences
IVD Magnetic Beads: Magnosphere

Magnosphere™ is a superparamagnetic particle for in vitro diagnostics and bio research applications.

The Magnosphere™ particles are characterized by:

  • Uniform particle size
  • Good magnetic response
  • Good re-dispersability
  • Diverse surface chemistries


Core shell structure and uniform particle diameter:

Magnosphere™  magnetic beads consist of a core particle, a magnetite layer and a surface polymer layer.

Surface Properties:

The surface of Magnosphere™  MX is hydrophobic while the Magnosphere™ MS is hydrophilic.

No Iron Oxide Exposure:

Iron exposed on the magnetic particle surface will increase the background signal for CLEIA or EIA experiments. Magnosphere™  is covered by polymers which minimize iron exposure. The iron amount on the surface of magnetic particles were measured by OPD adsorbance. Almost no iron exposure were observed on the surface of Magnosphere™.

Magnetic Response:

Magnosphere™ magnetic beads are divided into two different groups according to their magnetic response.  There is almost no difference in the magnetic response of beads in the two groups:

  • Slow magnetic response group : MS160, MX100 (1.5um, 1.1um)
  • Quick magnetic response group : MS300 (3um)