Application Note

Improving Aggregate Removal From mAb Feed Using Cation Exchange Chromatography

Source: Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

Ever increasing performance demands in protein purification require more selective chromatography methods to effectively remove aggregates and other impurities. At high titer levels, aggregates often present a unique purification challenge. One emerging approach to address this challenge is the use of new, smaller-particle chromatography resins that are optimized for high resolution and capacity. Such resins can be particularly productive in challenging situations and during final polishing steps (He et al. 2010). Nuvia™ HR-S is a high-resolution resin. It features a hydrophilic polymer matrix with an open-pore structure designed for fast and efficient mass transfer and superior flow properties at high flow rates. In this case study, the performance of Nuvia HR-S was compared to that of a high-resolution agarose-based resin.