Industry Insights

  1. How Global Pharma Orgs Can Achieve Process Validation Success

    There are numerous solutions available to ensure effective process validation at sites within a global network. No matter the solution, a comprehensive process validation strategy is necessary.

  2. Choosing The Right Single-Use Bioreactor Platform

    When selecting a bioreactor, you can choose stainless steel or single-use technologies, depending on your biomanufacturing requirements. The bioreactor is a key component of your bioprocessing workflow and should be regarded as a strategic asset. It is important that this core technology is carefully chosen, specified, designed, and supported, both now and in the future.

  3. Make The Right Container Choice For Critical Environments

    There are a number of factors to be taken into consideration when selecting containers for use within a critical environment.

  4. 5 ADC Manufacturing Challenges You Need To Know

    Despite this tremendous growth, drugmakers still face a number of challenges in the manufacturing process for ADCs. Here are key areas where pharma manufacturers face the biggest uphill battles.

  5. Electronic Lab Notebook Supports Scientific Knowledge Management In R&D

    One tool holds a unique position among R&D informatics systems -- electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs). ELNs both produce data and consume information and are particularly powerful.

  6. Selecting The Optimal Resins For Mammalian Virus Process Purification And Clearance

    The success of biologics for use in humans depends on the ability to effectively remove any viral contaminants. Viral Clearance from biologics is critical to their performance since they can directly infect mammalian cells and cause diseases such as AIDS, mumps, measles, herpes, hepatitis, meningitis, and shingles. And, conversely, studying these disease causing viruses can aid in the development of preventive and curative therapeutics. In this article, Bio-Rad provides snapshots of the different apatite-based media that can be effectively utilized for the process-scale purification of small to mid-sized viruses.

  7. 5 “No-Cost Strategies” For Your Laboratory Project

    The list is a guide to identifying practical strategies and making a project successful from inception to the operations and facility life-cycle by incorporating more science into less space, reducing utility usage, and using innovative concepts.

  8. Flexible Mobile Biocontainment Units Prevent Spread Of Transmissible Diseases

    There exists two key methods for controlling serious outbreaks of transmissible diseases: therapeutic countermeasures and transmission control through isolation and containment.

  9. Personalized Medicine - Diagnostics Will Lead The Way

    We have been talking about Personalized Medicine for years. "Wouldn't it be better if the medicine that I was taking was designed just for me?" We all know that personalized medicine would greatly benefit individual patients. 

  10. Introduction to Chromatography for Protein Purification

    Whether these proteins are produced by recombinant DNA technology or extracted from sources such as plasma, they need to be highly purified — and the purification process must satisfy a variety of regulations.