Industry Insights

  1. Patient-Centric Drug Design — A Clinical And Academic Perspective

    Most issues in pediatric drug development arise from the fact that drugs are traditionally developed for adults and not children. Dr. Meyers shares the hurdles and  improvements in pediatric drug development.

  2. Let The Molecule Decide

    Formulation techniques and technologies can easily become more habit than science, but a single technology does not work for all compounds. Each new drug is unique and deserves a fresh approach to formulation.

  3. Business and Cultural Considerations When Managing Clinical Supplies for Asia-Pacific Studies

    In addition to careful adherence with all applicable regulatory and Customs requirements, sponsors should understand and be sensitive to the cultural and business norms of each country included in their study.

  4. Modular Facility Design Considerations For Bio Manufacturing Facilities

    For many companies, flexibility, scheduling, and facility-size reduction are the key drivers around the attention given to modular facility design for biomanufacturing facilities.

  5. Comprehensive Solutions For Aggregate Issues

    Aggregate molecules are mostly physically and chemically similar to monomers, their presence in the final purified product, especially a therapeutic mAb, is undesirable due to multiple reasons. 

  6. Bioburden Entry Points In Downstream Processing

    Tips to prevent bioburden entry and proliferation, and reduce the complexity of the equipment and processes involved.

  7. Electronic Lab Notebook Supports Scientific Knowledge Management In R&D

    One tool holds a unique position among R&D informatics systems -- electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs). ELNs both produce data and consume information and are particularly powerful.

  8. Critical Opportunity For Pharmaceutical And Process Understanding

    Continued Process Verification (CPV), Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD), are driving pharma to improve product and process quality and efficiency.

  9. An Efficient Purification Platform For Recombinant Proteins

    Mixed-mode chromatography matrices are designed to present multiple interaction modes to resolve target proteins and impurities, entities that are themselves complex multimodal molecules. 

  10. Emerging Biotechs Take Control Of Their Destinies

    The recent Economist Intelligence Unit survey revealed that biopharma companies of all sizes share many of the same hopes and concerns. Yet many of the risk concerns and routes to growth are unique for small biotechs as they survey the changing industry landscape. We spoke with Ruta Waghmare – Global Director, Emerging Biotechnology at MilliporeSigma – about global funding trends, the evolution of virtual biotech companies, and taking control over your own molecule.