Industry Insights

  1. Determining The Right Type Of Biomanufacturing Capacity

    In selecting a biomanufacturing platform, it's necessary to properly understand what the industry needs are and what aspects of the drug development and clinical pathway you intend to support with your new manufacturing capacity. Having a rigorous selection and assessment criteria will ensure you make the right decision.

  2. Impact Of Incorrect Forecasts On New Drug Product Launches

    In today’s drug manufacturing environment, demand forecasts provide critical input that ultimately affects pharmaceutical companies’ decision-making processes.

  3. Applying QRM To The Change Control Process

    The real benefits from QRM arise when it is embedded in all processes, routine activities and the culture of the company. It is a way of thinking. 

  4. Selecting The Optimal Resins For Aggregate Removal

    The success of any biologic drug depends greatly on downstream purification. Among the challenges process scientists face during this process is the formation and/or removal of aggregates of monomers.

  5. Characterize Drug Substance Properties Early To Optimize Drug Formulation

    Drug substance characterization is critical to drug product formulation but characterization and formulation are often not integrated during drug development. 

  6. Modular Approaches For Diverse Molecules: Reinventing Smart Bioprocessing

    Smart bioprocessing uses bioinformatics, lab-scale processing, and analytics to create efficient and cost-effective production processes that can be verified at lab-scale before scale-up.

  7. Pharma Liquid Filling Systems — Comparison And Selection Guide

    Having sold filling lines for all types of liquid pharmaceutical products (hundreds of lines in aggregate), Bosch Packaging Technology is in a unique position to advise on filling system selection.

  8. Important Considerations For Lab Scale Protein Purification

    Protein purification at the lab scale bridges the gap between small-scale exploratory protein purification and high-throughput operations, such as industrial- scale manufacturing. 

  9. Perfecting Perfusion In Bioprocessing

    As the need for smaller plants, flexible manufacturing and competition intensifies in the biopharma industry, so does the need for intensified processes

  10. RABS vs. Isolator – Technology and Applications

    Considerable confusion still surrounds the terms barrier, Restricted Access Barrier System, and isolator and their respective suitability and favorability in pharmaceutical fill-finish operations.