Newsletter | November 30, 2022

11.30.22 -- Biology Meets Computer Science For Next-Gen Biologics Drug Discovery

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Automation Of T-Cell Expansion Using The iLine F Microscope

Learn how an on-line cell counting platform can improve process and product understanding through real-time attribute monitoring, plus more.

Nuances Of Quality Management Keep Biopharma Projects Under Control

Although many quality processes may seem one-size-fits-all, nuances surrounding how a CDMO onboards and operates will affect the speed, efficiency, and outcome of your projects.

Balancing Cost Efficiencies In The Drug Development Process

Cost efficiencies and expertise again go hand in hand, with companies often outsourcing or partnering primarily to gain access to manufacturing know-how.

Considerations For Successful Upstream Manufacturing Process Scale-Up

A CDMO’s ability to scale seamlessly between bioreactor sizes is critical when adopting a client’s manufacturing process.

Virus Reduction, Impurity Removal With Nuvia aPrime 4A Resin

To prevent costly changes to a manufacturing process, it is important to assess each operation unit for efficiency of adventitious agent removal or inactivation during downstream process development.

Antibody Affinity Extraction And HCP Identification By Mass Spectrometry

While identification and quantification of HCPs by mass spectrometry is a powerful complementary method to ELISA, HCPs are often masked by drug substances. 

Controlled Freezing Of Antibody Drug Conjugates

Explore ways to tackle the process step of freezing and thawing when it comes to manufacturing quality biopharmaceutical products, such as ADCs, at scale.

Pharma And Biotech: How Labs Achieve Data Integrity

Learn from an industry expert how important it is for companies to be compliant with data integrity and to ensure the trustworthiness and reliability of electronic records.

ADC Stands Out In The Crowd Of HER2-Targeted Conjugates

Due to its modularity, the SMARTag conjugation platform can be broadly applied to various disease contexts. It leverages ease of analytics and a critical combination of efficacy and tolerability.

From Discovery To Commercial Promise With Philogen’s Dr. Dario Neri

In a recent episode of Business of Biotech, Philogen CEO Dr. Dario Neri sat down to explore his journey from academia to startups, as well as Philogen's own trajectory.

Scalability, Adaptability, And Quality: SUT For mRNA Manufacturing

This webinar describes the advantages of single use and how these technologies overcome the challenges presented by conventional approaches to manufacturing.

Liposomal And Nanoparticle Technology At Pfizer Melbourne

Specializing in oncology, anti-infective, and complex formulations, the facility provides end-to-end services from development through to commercial manufacture of sterile dosage forms.

Characterization Of O-Linked Glycosylation In Etanercept By EAD

Explore the power of electron activated dissociation (EAD) for confident identification and unambiguous localization of O-linked glycosylation in etanercept.

Faster Determination Of Dynamic Binding Capacity

Streamline the downstream process using variable pathlength technology to determine the DBC of affinity chromatography resins to produce reliable data more effectively and efficiently.

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