• Pall Laboratory develops and produces many different membrane chemistries and devices for a multitude of applications. We offer products for molecular purification and  characterization, media prep, analytical  chemistry and microbiology.

  • You’re developing lifesaving gene therapies and need to manufacture AAV vector as quickly as possible. But scale-up and regulatory hurdles make the path to the clinic slow and labor intensive. We’re here to help.

    The VirusExpress™ 293 AAV Production Platform offers a transfection-based solution using a suspension-adapted cell line, which is GMP banked and characterized, chemically defined medium, and a process with proven performance at clinically relevant scale.

  • Mobius® 2D and 3D assemblies, filtration, storage and transportation solutions are key components for efficient, ergonomic and scalable single-use fluid management. This interactive brochure is designed to provide you with an overview of our complete single-use fluid management offerings, and a detailed guide to a holistic risk mitigation approach to quality control and assurance to meet your regulatory and compliance needs.

  • This document describes how to perform small scale virus filtration studies with Vmax™ filter sizing method, to assess the performance of any feed solution on a virus filter, and how to use the results of the small scale study to predict the virus filter area requirements for larger, production scale processes.

  • Membrane filtration is a critical virus reduction step in most established and new biologic production processes. However, even for highly purified process intermediates, protein aggregates and other impurities can limit the throughput capacity of virus filters, increasing filter area requirements. To mitigate these challenges, many filtration operations include prefilters to improve the capacity of virus filters, consistency of process runs, and enhance process economics.