• When optimizing and scaling AAV production, this portfolio of affinity resins may offer you advantages in obtaining high purity and yield in a single step for efficient purification of viral vectors for research applications.

  • 20L Flexsafe® bags are the most appropriate format and a cGMP manufacturing process using WFI-quality water ensure the highest level of quality for a product.

  • Reduce time and contamination risks while gaining consistency from batch to batch. Powder buffers and media prefilled bags are pre-weighed and designed to match requirements for the smaller volumes up to manufacturing scale.

  • Speed up your time to market and reduce your risk of selecting individual components that may not work well together by choosing the Ready Pack containment solution.

  • High-capacity resin specifically designed to bind to the CH1 region on monoclonal antibodies for simple purification of bispecifics, fusion proteins and other next-generation therapeutics.