• Streamlining Buffer Management To Enable Facility Flexibility
    Streamlining Buffer Management To Enable Facility Flexibility

    Improving efficiency in buffer delivery is an important part of meeting the goals of Biophorum’s road map for the future, which could be a critical strategy in increasing productivity and decreasing costs.

  • Robust, Load Independent Viral Clearance In Monoclonal Antibody Purification With NatriFlo® HD-Q Membrane Adsorber
    Robust, Load Independent Viral Clearance In Monoclonal Antibody Purification With NatriFlo® HD-Q Membrane Adsorber

    With a revolutionary three-dimensional macroporous hydrogel structure that provides a high density of binding sites and rapid mass transfer, NatriFlo® HD-Q chromatography membrane delivers binding capacity that exceeds resin-based columns with fast flow rates. This combination of performance and speed enables low-risk, scalable solutions for efficient purification of biologics.

  • ADC Development And Manufacturing Capabilities With AJICAP™ Technology
    ADC Development And Manufacturing Capabilities With AJICAP™ Technology

    Further understand the capabilities of AJICAP™ technology including the cGMP process for the production of materials suitable for use in early development and GLP pre-clinical studies, obtaining a “homogenous DAR” ADC, and comparative analytical methods for drug-antibody ratio (DAR) determination to apply to sitespecific ADCs. Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services presents six comparative analytical methods for drug-antibody ratio (DAR) determination to apply to site specific ADCs.

  • Evolution of AJICAP™ Technology
    Evolution of AJICAP™ Technology

    Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services has developed an innovative direct chemical site-selective conjugation method intended for use with intact native antibodies. AJICAP™ technology is a novel platform for the site-selective conjugation of antibodies using a class of Fc-affinity compounds to install payload-compatible linkers to well-defined amino acid residue(s). This poster series illustrates the AJICAP™ technology story.

  • Next Generation Processing: An Evolutionary Journey Across Many Disciplines

    While the benefits of next generation bioprocessing are clear, there are multiple pathways to success and many options across a range of disciplines must be considered. See how the the BioContinuum™ Platform provides the building blocks to help you achieve your specific bioprocessing goals.

  • Can You Trust A Machine For Downstream Bioprocess Buffer Preparation?

    There is a limit to how many stainless-steel tanks you can squeeze into a biomanufacturing facility. Is automated buffer preparation a solution to the dilemma of balancing increased production capacity against limited footprint expansion alternatives?

  • How to Ensure Biosafety Of Novel Viral Therapies

    Novel viral therapies are emerging and gaining more interest after recent regulatory approval of CAR-T and AAV based gene therapies. While no viral contamination has been reported so far for these therapies, it is important to learn from historical experience and leverage improved manufacturing and testing methods to increase their safety. This would help avoid product supply and patient treatment disruptions as well as protect the company’s business and reputation. In this webinar we will highlight the biosafety challenges associated with the manufacture of viral vectors and how a holistic risk mitigation approach can reduce contamination events.

  • Neglected Tropical Diseases — Improving The Manufacturing Paradigm For A Novel Recombinant Protein Vaccine

    Working in close partnership, Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development at Baylor College of Medicine, and MilliporeSigma, the life science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, are combining their bioprocess and engineering expertise to advance and optimize the manufacturing process for a promising new preventive recombinant proteinbased vaccine, to end the scourge of Schistosomiasis, one of the world’s most devastating and pervasive parasitic infections and neglected tropical diseases.

  • Producing Conjugate Polysaccharide (CPS) Vaccines — When To Consider Customized Ultrafiltration Membranes

    The conjugation of polysaccharide antigens to the immunogenic carrier protein is a critical production step in the manufacture of CPS vaccines. This reaction rarely goes to completion, which therefore requires a separation of the free polysaccharides from the conjugated product. This separation is typically done by tangential flow filtration and it is challenging due to the small size difference between the product and the free polysaccharide contaminant. Customized TFF (Tangential Flow Filtration) membranes with tight pore size specifications have been shown to be effective in these applications, allowing maximization of product yield and purity.

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  • BioContinuum™ Platform Key Focus Areas

    This brochure highlights the different BioContinuum™ platforms for seed train, production and harvest, flow through polishing, ultrafiltration, and buffer management.

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    This brochure identifies the technologies available based on the biomanufacturer need. See solutions for upstream productivity enhancements, high concentration formulations, harvest and buffer management solutions, and technologies to enable robust impurity and virus clearance.

  • Pellicon® Single-Pass Tangential Flow Filtration

    Pellicon® single-pass tangential flow filtration (single-pass TFF) is a versatile technology for more productive, high capacity and cost effective downstream processes that allows facilities to meet the demands of higher titer and connected or continuous processes.

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