• Eshmuno® CMX — A Novel Mixed Mode Cation Exchange Resin For The Purification Of Glycoproteins

    With the outbreak of COVID-19, the most severe pandemic in the 21st century so far, a feverish search for therapeutic treatment and vaccinations has just started. A substantial number of approaches are focusing on the coronavirus S glycoprotein, a surfaceexposed protein that mediates the entry of the virus into the host cells. The aim of this technical note is to provide a description of the capture and subsequent purification of glycoproteins.

  • Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography Resins For Next-Gen Challenges

    To solve downstream separation and purification challenges for many biotherapeutic modalities, a suite of hydrophobic chromatography resins has been developed to cover a wide range of hydrophobicity. 

  • Biopharmaceutical Process Characterization

    Laboratory scale process characterization provides in-depth process understanding and documentation of a manufacturing process needed to establish critical product and process parameters, determine proven acceptable control ranges and minimize the risk of manufacturing failures at production scale. Here we present process development and characterization strategies at Samsung Biologics required to support commercial scale manufacture of antibody therapeutics. In this webinar we will discuss approaches to demonstrate process understanding needed to develop a robust and scalable manufacturing process to support successful GMP manufacture of biologics.

  • Ensure Sterility In End-To-End Bulk Management

    A CMO was experiencing sporadic product loss through cross contamination. To mitigate risks for further losses through contamination, the innovative CMO was looking for a reliable approach to guarantee sterility in their processes from downstream to fill & finish by all means.


  • Eshmuno® CMX Chromatography Resin Data Sheet

    Eshmuno® CMX chromatography resin is a highly selective mixed mode chromatography resin for difficult to purify mAbs, ADCs and fusion proteins. This innovative resin combines weak cation exchange properties with hydrophobic interaction, providing high selectivity for mAb, fusion protein and ADC purification as well as separation of low molecular weight impurities and Host Cell Proteins (HCPs).

  • Fill Finish Capabilities: COVID-19

    Bringing Covid-19 therapeutic solutions to the clinic and market with speed, precision and scalability is now a challenge with unparalleled consequence. Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services remains committed to helping customers address the global demand for a solution.

  • Got Purification Troubles? Get The Best HCP And Aggregate Clearance During mAb Purification

    Are you unable to efficiently reduce process- and product-related impurities during your purification process? Screening multiple resins helps you select the right one for your purification success.

  • Sterile Injectables Made With Intelligent Collaboration

    Pfizer CentreOne is a global CDMO embedded within Pfizer and a leader in sterile injectables. Working with our customers, we combine our technical and commercial knowledge with open dialogue to solve your challenges.

  • HiTrap Fibro PrismA Units

    Fiber-based rapid cycling chromatography units for high-throughput mAb purification in research and process development.