• Cell Growth Performance In Single-Use Bags

    With the uptake of single-use bags in cell culture processes, some manufacturers have reported inconsistent cell growth. Read how Sartorius has addressed the challenge of cell growth performance in single-use bags with their Flexboy® bags and new Flexsafe® platform.

  • Adenovirus Production In Single-Use ReadyToProcess WAVE™ 25 Bioreactor System

    Using rocking bioreactor systems can shorten the seed train prior to inoculation and provide optimized growth conditions for sensitive cells. This study presents a robust production of adenovirus using a rocking bioreactor system.

  • Optimizing Process Efficiency In Upstream Manufacturing

    Increasing the integration of upstream and downstream processing and moving toward increased automation results in greater optimization of process efficiency - a key goal for biopharmaceutical production.

  • Upstream Bioprocessing In Food And Feed Applications

    Bioprocessing has been used for decades for the industrial production of beverages and for the production and preservation of food and feed ingredients. The ability to monitor and control critical process parameters is a prerequisite. Read how researchers are tackling the challenges in food and feed applications, both old and new.

  • Production Of Human iPSC-Derived Cortical Neurospheres In A Mini Bioreactor System

    Stem cell-derived cortical neurospheres are of great interest in basic neurobiology research and drug research. Cultivation in controlled, stirred-tank bioreactors can improve the homogeneity of neural spheroid cultures and allows culture scale-up. 

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  • An Introduction To The XURI Cell Expansion System W25
    An Introduction To The XURI Cell Expansion System W25

    This video will give you an introduction on the Xuri™ W25 cell expansion system. You’ll get an overview of the system control capabilities which make it suitable for use in a regulated environment, and its flexibility to handle multiple indications with various cell types.

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  • Biologics CMO Brochure

    When you select AbbVie Contract Manufacturing for your biologics product, you’re partnering with a leading developer and manufacturer that is at the forefront of biopharmaceuticals with both our own products and customers’ products. Our scientific team and state-of-the-art facilities clearly demonstrate the capability to optimize success all the way from innovation to commercialization.

  • Biologics CMO
    Biologics CMO

    With patients’ lives at the end of the pipeline, biologics contract manufacturing needs to be safe, reliable and consistent in supply. The developers of these large molecule drugs, however, are also operating in a highly competitive space. Speed-to-market is imperative, along with efficient processes and low costs. A lot of this will rest on the quality of the cell line development and the expertise of the biologics CMO you choose.

  • Contract Fermentation Services
    Contract Fermentation Services

    Fermentation is a critical step in both drug and toll manufacturing, as companies look to produce the core compounds that form their eventual products. While it is possible to undertake this in-house, the expertise contract fermentation services provide can improve the quality, affordability, speed and scalability of your program.

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