• HCP ELISA And HCP Antibody Coverage Analysis Methods

    Host cell proteins (HCPs) constitute a major group of process-related impurities in biological drugs produced using cell culture technology. Read how HCPs can constitute a significant component of a biopharmaceutical drug developer’s overall risk-management strategy

  • Optimized Cell Culture Medium For Scalable Viral Vector Production

    MilliporeSigma’s new cell culture medium offers an improved alternative to classical formulations that can help address the constraints in viral vector manufacturing and scale-up.

  • Osmolality Measurement Of Lentiviral Vectors For Cell And Gene Therapy

    In this webinar Lucia Marani, Analytical Development Scientist from Oxford BioMedica about applications of the OsmoTECH osmometer. Kendal Studd, Scientific Application Specialist for Advanced Instruments rounds off the session by presenting a summary of published research showing that in vector manufacturing, osmolality is a factor in control of stability and aggregation for lentivirus and other viral vector types.

  • Pellicon® 3 Cassettes Cleaning Methodology For Reuse In Single-Pass Tangential Flow Filtration Mode

    Single-pass tangential flow filtration (SPTFF) can be used to achieve higher final concentrations, optimize product recovery, control volume of intermediate steps, and enable intensified or continuous processing with chromatography or filtration operations. This study demonstrates efficient cleaning strategies to enable multiple reuse of TFF cassettes for high concentration applications with SPTFF.


  • When developing a monoclonal antibody with a world of potential, getting your upstream process development right the first time opens up exponential possibilities. Our upstream ecosystem - comprised of cell line and media platforms, cell line development, product characterization services, bioreactors, single-use mixers, process development expertise and next generation processing programs - gets upstream process development right the first time.

  • Ambr® 250 High Throughput is a enhanced parallel microbial or cell culture system using 100 - 250 mL single-use bioreactors with a fully automated liquid handling platform. The system provides a high precision environment that supports the demands of microbial fermentation and mammalian cultures.

  • The ambr® 250 modular is an innovative new high performance benchtop bioreactor system for parallel microbial or cell culture in 100 - 250 mL single-use vessels.

  • Luina Bio carries out microbial aerobic and anaerobic fermentation, technical transfer, cell banking, process development and validation, analytical development, GMP production and stability studies.

  • In recent years, the development of media used to expand and mature adult stem cells has greatly increased the success rate of adult stem cell therapy and the breadth of potential stem cell-based therapies. To obtain enough cells, ex vivo expansion has been utilized to ensure successful engraftment and economize the manufacture of both allogeneic and autologous therapies.