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  • SMARTag™ ADC Technology
    SMARTag™ ADC Technology

    A platform that combines drug development expertise and biomanufacturing and integrated services to offer advantages to ADC developers.

  • Optimizing Your Plate-Based Assay Workflows

    Using workflow based software solutions to guide scientists through various processes in low to high throughput screening campaigns.

  • Genetic Engineering Of CHO Cells For Viral Resistance To MVM

    In this webinar Joaquina Mascarenhas, Ph.D. of Milliporesigma will discuss the following...

  • Preclinical Immunogenicity Risk Assessment of Biotherapeutics

    Among the primary causes for attrition in early clinical development are safety and pharmacology issues. In the case of biopharmaceuticals, immunogenic and hypersensitivity reactions are perhaps the largest contributors to such early clinical failures

  • Developability of Biotherapeutic Candidates, Reducing the Risk of Failure

    It is estimated that only one out of every 1,000 preclinical candidates reaches the commercial market. The ability to assess the “developability” of a therapeutic candidate in late discovery through clinical phases of development can be an extremely powerful tool to enhance the chance of clinical success. Screening of potential candidates in the discovery process will help to reduce costs, risk (attrition) and overall development time.  Being able to assess the manufacturability and safety of the drug candidate, before large investments are made, allows companies to focus on the most promising candidate and maximize R&D spending.

  • Assay Workflow Automation: Liquid Handling, Reading and Imaging Together

    Thanks for your interest in BioSpa™ 8 Automated Incubator. We are excited to share the following product demonstrations with you so you can see how BioSpa links liquid handling, reading and imaging together for unattended workflow automation. We’ll provide examples of typical assay workflows to help you understand exactly how BioSpa can help you take control of your cell assays.

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  • Mobius® Power MIX 1000 And 2000 Single-Use Mixers

    The Mobius® Power MIX 1000 and 2000 combine high performance mixing technology with design features that make them easy to use. The impeller design and motor are based on our magnetically coupled NovAseptic® mixing technology, a proven mixing technology in stainless steel tanks. The system efficiently mixes the most challenging buffers, media and biopharmaceutical ingredients.

  • New Brunswick™ Innova® Biological Laboratory Shakers For All Your Culture Needs

    For over 60 years, New Brunswick Shakers have been synonymous with quality construction and durability. They have been used in more labs the world over than any other shaker and our top-of-the line Innova models continue to be the market leaders.

    • Innovative design and unparalleled fabrication provide worry-free operation, often over decades of continuous use
    • “Set it and forget it” programming in our incubated models enables you to store and recall multi-step, multiple parameter programs for unmatched convenience, automated operation and reproducible results
    • Our comprehensive warranty is backed by a support organization known for top-rate customer care
    • We offer the largest selection of shakers in the industry to meet a diverse range of culture requirements


  • Galaxy CO2 Incubators Brochure

    Since their introduction over twenty years ago, Galaxy CO2 Incubators have become a mainstay in cell culture laboratories all over the world. They set the standard for advanced features and are designed to meet real world needs. They were first to use a fan-less design, direct heating technology and a seamless chamber. Time and again, features like these have helped to improve laboratory processes and cell culture results.

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