• Evonik is one of the world's top 3 CMOs for API and intermediates. The brochure offers insight into their capabilities and the technologies they use to address the specific needs of the largest and most complex synthesis problems life science companies face today. 

  • Pall’s high-performance filtration solutions cover every step of the life science workflow - from cell line development to clone selection, optimization, and protein analysis. Our products simplify processes, reduce risk, and accelerate laboratory throughput.

  • ExCellerate™ iPSC Expansion Medium is specially formulated for the feeder-free expansion of human pluripotent stem cells in research and translational workflows.

  • Specifically designed for the bioprocessing industry, Procellics™ Raman Analyzer with Bio4C™ PAT Raman Software enables you to perform in-line and real-time measurements of CPPs and CQAs, from process development to manufacturing.

  • The VirusExpress™ Platform offers a transfection-based solution to lentiviral (LV) production challenges, featuring a suspension adapted cell line, chemically defined medium, and process with proven performance at 50 L scale. The platform can dramatically reduce time in process development and scale-up, either within your own facilities or using our contract manufacturing capabilities to speed your therapy to patients.