• Overcoming Development And Manufacturing Challenges For Biologic Therapies

    Whether rapidly scaling manufacturing capabilities, shortening supply chains, accelerating the availability of emerging therapies, or reducing the risk of a pharmaceutical shortage, the pharmaceutical manufacturing platform can make all the difference in the success or failure of a biologic therapy.

  • Measuring Oxygen Transfer Rate (OTR) Of The Eppendorf Fermentation Vessels

    OTR is a very important parameter of fermentation vessels which affects the selection, design, and scale-up of a bioprocess protocol. Here we describe in detail how we measure the OTR of an Eppendorf fermentation vessel using the industrial standard sulfite depletion method. This short protocol can serve as a reference for the bioprocess professionals who want to perform OTR measurements of Eppendorf’s large collection of fermentation vessels.

  • Improving Antibody Production Workflow Using The BioFlo 720 Bioreactor Control System

    To scale upstream bioprocesses, an effective scale-up strategy is required to ensure the reproducibility of both cell culture growth and batch yields at large working volumes, ideally with little or no additional optimization. This study details the use of this new Scale Up Assist feature of the BioFlo 720 Bioreactor Control System to scale CHO batch cultures from 3 L to 10 L BioBLU® Single-Use Vessels and from the 10 L to 50 L Single Use Bioreactor (SUB) bag.

  • Real-time Characterization Of Mammalian Cell Culture Bioprocesses By Magnetic Sector MS

    The complexity of mammalian cell culture processes for biopharmaceutical manufacturing has resulted in the rapid development of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) tools aimed at improving batch-to-batch reproducibility through the implementation of real-time process monitoring techniques. In this paper mammalian cell culture processes were characterized upon the analysis of the exhaust-gas composition achieved through the on-line integration of a magnetic sector MS analyser with benchtop bioreactors.


  • Trace Elements – Data For Decisions

    The importance of trace elements and the impact variability can have on cell culture performance and protein quality is well documented.  We offer the right data to understand variations in the key trace elements important to your bioprocess.

  • 500 L HyPerforma DynaDrive Single-Use Bioreactor Data Sheet

    The Thermo Scientific™ HyPerforma™ DynaDrive™ Single-Use Bioreactor (S.U.B.) is our latest advancement in S.U.B. technology; it offers better performance and is scalable to larger volumes than previous bioreactors.

  • HyPerforma Rocker Bioreactor

    The Thermo Scientific™ HyPerforma™ Rocker Bioreactors bring control and measurement to rocking bioreactor applications.

  • Stax™ mAx Clarification Platform

    Robust, high performance cell culture clarification

  • Stax mAx Clarification Platform Datasheet

    The Stax mAx clarification platform is a single-use, robust, depth filtration solution for the economic clarification of monoclonal antibody cell cultures without the need for centrifugation or process additives.