• Cell Line Development Toolbox For The Development Of Intensified CHO Processes

    Intensified process formats promise improved cost efficiency in biotherapeutics production through lower cost of goods and increased plant flexibility. CHO clones from traditional cell line development differ in responsiveness to process intensification, so efficient approaches for selecting suitable clones and developing associated USP processes are needed. This poster outlines a USP toolbox that can be applied to assess the suitability of clones for the intensification and the development of different types of intensified processes.

  • Accelerating Optimal Cell Culture Media Design: Using A Diverse Panel To Reduce Uncertainty

    Selecting the optimal media for a specific cell line’s growth can be a challenging task, partly due to the quantity of catalog and custom options available. By having clear goals mapped out and identifying key parameters affecting critical quality attributes (CQA) earlier on, one can accelerate the path to market. This on-demand webinar reviews best practices using a media panel approach to reduce timelines and increase productivity.  

  • Introducing The Enhanced And HyPerforma™ DynaDrive™ Single-Use Bioreactors (S.U.B.s): Meeting The Demands Of Intensifying Upstream In Single-Use

    S.U.B.s have emerged as a tool-of-choice in many PD and Pilot spaces and are now transitioning into certain commercial manufacturing spaces. Here we describe simple yet effective enhancements that enable Thermo Scientific HyPerforma S.U.B.s to meet the mass-transfer and mixing needs of intensifying processes at 50-500 L scale, while leveraging the hardware of existing systems. We also introduce a next generation of single-use bioreactor – DynaDrive S.U.B.

  • Enhancing The Solubility Of L-Tyrosine In Cell Culture Media Applications

    Because L-Tyrosine is an important amino acid for protein synthesis and cellular metabolism, finding a solution to its solubility challenge can be critical to maximize process performance. 

  • Vero Cell Cultivation For Vaccine Production

    In this webinar, we demonstrate, how different process parameter can be monitored and controlled in a perfusion bioprocess to cultivate anchorage-dependent cells. We demonstrate the great potential of using packed-bed bioreactors or microcarrier spin filter for attachment cell-based vaccine production.

  • Cell Therapy Scale-Up Strategies For Commercial Success

    To achieve commercial success, a developed process must be scalable and suitable for a manufacturing environment. The scaling strategy depends on the type of cell therapy. This article discusses options for cell therapy process development and validation that minimize risks through quality control (QC), optimization, scaling, closing, automation, and assay development, all in order to prepare for successful commercial production.

  • A Small-Scale Model To Increase Yield In Cell Culture Perfusion Of mAb At Large Scale

    As process intensification is adopted into large scale manufacturing, the responsibility on scale-down models to accurately represent the expanded operating space quickly follows. Perfusion continues to be one such operating mode which lends itself to adding benefit at the manufacturing scale while adding complexity to the small-scale approach. The purpose of the described study was to develop a reliable small-scale model of our perfusion process in the ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 Rocker bioreactor and WAVE Cellbag 50 L.

  • Using In-Line Sensors For Real-Time Control

    Within biopharmaceutical production there is a shift from manually monitoring processes to real-time control and automated intervention. The goal is to develop algorithms and AI solutions which are able predict outcomes and create autonomous systems. The first step towards this goal is to use reliable and robust in-line sensors for real-time process control. This paper exemplifies how to use available and reliable sensors for in-process control of several different upstream and downstream process parameters.


  • HyPerforma GXCore Bioprocess Controller: The Core Solution For Scalability

    The Thermo Scientific™ HyPerforma™ GXCore Bioprocess Controller is an innovative, compact, and cost-effective controller built for research and process development applications.

  • J.T.Baker Brand cGMP Manufactured IPTG

    cGMP manufactured IPTG facilitates constant and consistent recombinant protein production resulting in more predictable yields. Reduce risk in your bioprocessing applications with Avantor J.T.Baker brand cGMP manufactured IPTG.

  • CHO Cell Culture Media & Feeds - Selecting The Right Media

    Media selection is a crucial step in optimizing and maximizing your upstream process. Mixing media and feeds can be a strategy in fed batch to increase output of your target molecule. Learn more about our Cellvento® and EX-CELL® cell culture media brands.

  • Avantor Seradigm Sera Products

    Cell culture experts everywhere are discovering how well their cells thrive on nutritionally superior sera from Avantor Seradigm, making it the fastest growing, global sera brand in the market. Saredigm's unique collection and manufacturing techniques preserve more of the naturally-occuring growth factors in sera that cells require to thrive.

  • Benchtop Bioprocessing Solutions Brochure

    Flexible, reliable control and bioreactor systems for laboratory applications.