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  • A customizable stainless-steel bioreactor with unrivaled flexibility and compact design

    Bring flexibility and automation to your process development with a Techfors pilot bioreactor, custom configured specifically to your individual application needs and backed by our team of technical engineering and service experts.

  • Process development made easy with this compact, stainless-steel bioreactor

    Easily transfer your process from the bench to pilot scale with a standardized Techfors-S pilot bioreactor, giving you all the same familiar components and accessories that you have on the bench with automated process control.

  • Your ideal bioreactor system for bioprocesses and enzymatic processes with solid substrates  

    Increase productivity and yield during your simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF) processes, breaking down high concentrations of various raw materials, with this compact Labfors 5 bench-top bioreactor.

  • Bring flexible universal control to your process development in larger bench-top volumes.

    Further optimize your microbial applications with a larger scale bench-top bioreactor system that provides flexibility, process control, and qualification.