• Corning disposable Erlenmeyer flasks are ready to use and ideal for shaker culture applications and storage. All of our disposable Erlenmeyer flasks feature molded in graduations for accuracy, are certified nonpyrogenic, are individually packaged, and come with a vent cap option for continuous gas exchange while preventing leakage.

    The showpiece of the Erlenmeyer family is the 5L Erlenmeyer, a vessel designed to aid in the scale-up suspension culture with space efficiency in mind. The 5L Erlenmeyer occupies the same footprint as the 3L Erlenmeyer while offering an additional 2.5L of working volume.

  • In therapeutic development and manufacturing, employing a stringent risk mitigation plan for early detection of mycoplasmas is important to avoid costly manufacturing delays or remediation activities.

  • Used Nova Biomedical cell culture analyzer, model pHOx, serial# T07607151.

  • Used Cytiva ReadyToProcess Wave 25 rocking bioreactor, with ReadyToProcess pump, and ReadyToProcess CBCU, built 2020. 18% Buyer's Premium to be applied.

  • Used 1,000 Liter Xcellerex single use bioreactor, model XDR-1000, stainless steel jacketed housing, jacket rated 100 psi at 150 f, bottom mounted agitator drive, project# 8968, serial# 19138, built 2010.