• SAFC Cell Culture Solutions

    The SAFC® portfolio is a full-service provider for all your upstream process development and cGMP manufacturing needs. Discover all the  capabilities of our SAFC® cell culture solutions and which of our products are the perfect fit for your project.

  • Impact Of A Chemically Defined Medium For Vero Cells Cultivation And Virus Production For Vaccine Applications

    In the race to create serum-free, chemically defined media, research efforts have focused on identifying the elements required for superior growth performance. This include growth factors, hormones, carrier proteins, lipids, transition metals, vitamins, polyamines, and adhesion factors. This application note describes 4Cell® NutriVero™ Flex 10, a new Vero cell medium that is serum-free, chemically defined, and animal component-free. 4Cell® NutriVero™ Flex 10 delivers performance that matches conventional media with undefined hydrolysate supplementation.

  • A Multi-Scale Approach To CHO Media Benchmarking

    Competitive commercial CHO processes demand a balanced combination of media, process and production clone to achieve optimal performance. The aim of this study was to apply a multi-scale approach to efficiently screen combinations of chemically defined commercial media and various CHO production clones using benchtop bioreactor systems.

  • 4Cell®BHK-21 CD Medium - Adaptation Of BHK-21 Cells To Suspension Using Chemically Defined Medium

    BHK-21 cell strains have been utilized for several years as a platform for veterinary vaccines and recombinant protein manufacturing. However, these cells are anchorage-dependent, requiring the use of dissociation agents that slow and are traumatic for cells while also creating scale-up limitations. In this study, we successfully adapted anchorage serum-dependent BHK-21 cells to suspension in a chemically defined (CD), serum-free, Sartorius medium.

  • Gene Therapy Upstream Manufacturing, Scale-up And Best Practices

    Gene therapies provide innovative options for treating patients, particularly where other traditional therapeutics have been ineffective. The industry continues to grow and mature from research to approved therapeutics. In this panel webinar series, hear directly from the authors of the eBook  "Insights on Successful Gene Therapy Manufacturing and Commercialization" on various topics related to gene therapy manufacturing and commercialization, the current state of the industry and how we can continue to advance these life-changing medicines.

  • General Scale-Up Strategies: Commonalities Between Mammalian And Microbial Processes

    This webinar offers a general understanding of the concepts and tools required to successfully scale a process from bench to manufacturing. Focuses include the equipment adaptations required for execution of upstream and downstream processes at the manufacturing scale and common parameters used for organism growth and protein purification with a focus on mixing/agitation, gas flow, chromatography and filtration scaling.

  • Rentschler Biopharma Corporate Presentation

    We empower our clients to help patients with serious or rare diseases. With our dedication and expertise, we convert medical research into outstanding biopharmaceuticals.

  • Developing Scalable Upstream Workflows For Recombinant And Viral Vaccine Processes

    Vaccine manufacturing is responding to challenges for increasing safety assurance and responsiveness in order to reduce the impact of pandemic such as SARS-CoV-2. Therefore, in-depth knowledge of microorganism pathogenicity leads to develop new type of vaccines such as recombinant and viral vaccines. In this presentation we will review the current main upstream vaccine production processes, considering the choice of expression system, the means by which the biological preparation is introduced into the production cell and how Pall’s flexible single-use bioreactors support rapid process development, scale-up and safeguard the quality of life-protecting vaccines and help assure compliance with cGMP.


  • Sartorius is a leading provider of Cell Line Development Services allowing customers easy open access to a cost effective reliable technology platform. The Cellca CHO Expression Platform consistently delivers well characterized stable research clones from DNA to Research Cell Bank (RCB) in just 14 weeks with average titers of 4 g/L in an easily scalable fed batch process.

  • NutriCoat™ Attachment Solution is a cost-effective, efficient, standardized supplement designed for the attachment of human mesenchymal stem cells under serum-free and xeno-free culture condition.

  • SoloHill® microcarrier products simplify adherent, cell-based research and manufacturing. By successfully combining cutting-edge research with high-quality manufacturing, SoloHill® not only offers excellent products but also provides valuable technical expertise to ensure optimal results.

  • The 4Cell® Insect CD Medium is a Chemically Defined (CD) Medium for Insect Cells for fast cell growth and excellent productivity. Developed to meet the needs of biotechnology and vaccine manufacturing, this chemically defined medium supports rapid initial insect cell growth, increased productivity.

  • The 4Cell® BHK-21 CD Medium is a Chemically Defined (CD) medium for BHK-21 cells for maximum cell growth and virus production. Developed to maximize BHK-21 cell growth for virus and vaccine manufacturing, the chemically defined medium provides equivalent or higher growth of BHK-21 cells when compared to serum-supplemented conditions