• How To Select the Best Courier Around The Globe

    As a leading biotechnology company's pipeline and global presence continued to grow, management of the supply chain presented challenges. Additionally, cost pressures demanded a tighter supply chain with better control over inventory levels, and there was a need for increased temperature monitoring of clinical supplies in transit. Learn how data-driven decisions allowed them to realize cost & performance improvements across the supply chain.

  • Early Licensure Of A Breakthrough Cancer Drug Gives Hope To Patients

    No clinical supply request could be a higher priority than that of a physician urgently seeking an investigational cancer drug for a patient who has exhausted all treatment options. Read how named patient and expanded access programs helped speed the licensure of a breakthrough cancer drug.

  • Storage Density Problem Solved With Single-Use Bags

    Learn how a global biopharma overcame growing cold storage capacity expenses by moving to single-use bags with high storage density secondary packaging, purpose-built for freezing applications. 

  • Liquid Retention Comparison In PC And PETG Containers

    Fluid retention is an important consideration when choosing a container. The physical design and material of construction of the container impact how much fluid remains after dispensing. Fluid retention is an important consideration when choosing which container to use. This application note is a comparison between different container products.


  • Reusable Shipper Program Fact Sheet

    Cold chain product integrity across the entire supply chain demands rigorous processes & cold chain expertise of the highest caliber. Thermo Fisher Scientific recognizes the challenges and complexities in managing controlled temperature shipments and offers a reusable shipper program that brings multiple benefits for all stakeholders and further increases the quality across the supply chain.

  • Nalgene Rigid Container Tiered Portfolio Datasheet

    Making sure the equipment and materials used in critical environments meet the demanding standards of cleanliness can be a challenging process. The Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ multi-tiered portfolio provides bioproduction facilities with a variety of high quality, sterile storage and transport solutions.

  • Nalgene Rigid Container Tiered Portfolio Brochure

    When working in a critical environment such as a clean room or when producing critical bioproducts, even microscopic amounts of contamination can have a disastrous impact. The tiered portfolio of Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ containers provides bioproduction facilities with a range of high-quality sterile storage and transport options while addressing particulate level (USP <788>), endotoxin level, and sterility requirements

  • Challenges In Bulk Drug Substance Logistics – A New Approach

    The Head of Technology at Single Use Support GmbH guides you through the “next level of bulk drug substance logistics.” He describes the entire end-to-end process in bulk drug substance management between downstream and fill & finish.

  • RoSS®

    RoSS is an absolutely safe and tamper evident protective tray for 2D single use bags. It is compact and easy to handle during storage and shipping. The shell consists of the perfect combination of different materials that protect the bag from external impact.