• Designing Agile Manufacturing With An Integrated Drug Substance/Drug Product Ecosystem

    Companies that want to accelerate their biomanufacturing operations and use their resources efficiently need access to technologies and solutions that can safely and efficiently complete their workflow from idea to injection.

  • Cold Chain Logistics For Cell Therapy Production – A Conversation With Celyad’s Thomas Lequertier

    Because cell therapies must be stored and shipped at very low temperatures, maintaining a therapeutic’s integrity through cryopreservation has far-reaching implications for both its efficacy and long-term commercial success. Thomas Lequertier, head of the Cell Therapy Manufacturing Unit at Celyad Oncology, recently sat down with the Business of Biotech podcast to discuss how his company has approached cold chain technology for its CAR-T therapies.

  • How To Achieve Scalable Freezing & Thawing Of Biopharmaceuticals

    Scalability around freezing means the ability to guarantee constant stress on proteins (biopharmaceutical molecules) in all scales, filling volumes and loading scenarios. Read how by standardizing the IFGS – icefront growth speed – for all possible scenarios regardless of the filling volume and type of bags but also regardless of the type of system, i.e. whether LabScale, MidScale or LargeScale, you can fulil this requirement.

  • Vendor Partnering In A Bioprocess Manufacturing And Supply Chain Ecosystem

    As novel therapies produced and stored under extreme conditions become more common, containers that were adopted decades ago are increasingly unable to meet project needs and regulatory standards. New single-layer assemblies, made with more robust materials and without the curing agents, antioxidants, plasticizers, or adhesives that represent potential contamination sources, may offer companies a safer, more efficient choice.

  • How To Build A Robust Packaging Strategy For Rapid Commercialization

    Look at the elements involved in building a robust packaging strategy and the key technical considerations in packaging design and operational planning for products of various sizes.