• We’ve applied our expertise in glass science, optical physics, vapor deposition, precision forming, and extrusion to design and develop a 21st century glass container to protect 21st century drugs and vaccines. Corning® Valor® Glass vials enhances the storage and delivery of drugs, providing more reliable access to medicines essential to public health.

  • Available in five sizes:

    • 1-Stack with 636 cm² cell growth area
    • 2-Stack with 1,272 cm² cell growth area
    • 5-Stack with 3,180 cm² cell growth area
    • 10-Stack with 6,360 cm² cell growth area
    • 40-Stack with 25,440 cm² cell growth area
  • Corning cryopreservation bags feature a unique bag film material that remains flexible at low temperatures and proprietary port designs that allow for increased flexibility.

  • Receive the fluid handling benefits of customization, fast design, and delivery with quality assembly solutions.

  • Choose the correct bioprocess powder bag to serve as your operations containment and transfer solution, by reviewing the features, benefits, and specifications of this single-use option.