• How To Avoid Bag Breakages With Product Loss

    A global Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) produces different drug substances (BDS) of highly valuables mABs in batch sizes from 10l to 700l for clinical phases up to commercialized products. They were facing a challenge with single use bags with a high loss rate of 0,5% to 5% due to their sensitivity at sub-zero temperatures. Read how they set up a cold chain process and implemented robust technologies around the brittle single use bag and to consequentially reduce product loss.

  • High-Density Cell Banking

    How high-density cell banking accelerates upstream processes by providing a larger volume of concentrated cells at the start of a production run, shortening seed training from weeks to days. 

  • Drug Substance Management With Single Use vs. Stainless Steel

    Fast freeze rates, safe storage and proper shipping of bulk drug substances are imperative. This case study compares the advantages and disadvantages of single-use systems and cryovessels.

  • Laboratory Freezer For Single Use Technology

    Biopharma manufacturers are increasingly using single use tech for storage, shipping, and transfer of substances. Aabandoning cost-intensive and bulky platforms can save considerable amounts of money.


  • RoSS®

    RoSS is an absolutely safe and tamper evident protective tray for 2D single use bags. It is compact and easy to handle during storage and shipping. The shell consists of the perfect combination of different materials that protect the bag from external impact.

  • MITS.2D

    100% secure integrity test for single use bags – "at point-of-use" and across all manufacturers.


    RoSS.FILL is a flexible platform for the allocation and distribution of bulk drug substance in single use bags that are integrated in the RoSS® system. The liquid path is fully disposable and can accommodate a multitude of sterile compound- and segregation options.


    Highly robust, stackable, coolable and compact – Fort Knox for high-quality substances!

  • RoSS® Trolley

    Stainless steel trolley for up to 22 RoSS® trays for handling and storage. Simply ask for details.