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04.03.24 -- Getting To Know MAM, The New Quality Control Strategy On the Block


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Getting To Know MAM, The New Quality Control Strategy On the Block

When characterizing PQAs, the multi-attribute method offers a one-stop shop for analysis. This article explores technical considerations for this emerging strategy.

Eliminate Downstream Bottlenecks In Antibody-Based Therapies

Organizations seeking greater efficiency within their downstream purification processes are well-served in considering a single-use, membrane-based solution in lieu of resin-based purification columns.

Addressing Residual Host Cell DNA Contamination Challenges

Learn how to meet regulatory standards for cell and gene therapy products with absolute quantification and sizing of HEK293 residual DNA.

A Scalable Single-Use Two-Step pDNA Purification Process

Evaluate the performance of a single-use two-step plasmid purification process and see how it compares to the existing three-step purification method.

Re-Imagining Chromatography: Building Efficient Downstream Processes

Using this stepwise approach for integrating process intensification principles into an existing process can increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve process sustainability.

The Advances In Protein A Chromatography

Explore technology that is allowing scientists who work on antibody purification, particularly those who work on nontraditional antibodies, to intensify their processes.

Getting The Most From Your Inline Buffer Formulation System

An automated, integrated, responsive inline buffer formulation system can help eliminate the need for intermediate storage, reduce facility footprint, and accelerate timelines.


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