Newsletter | March 17, 2023

03.17.23 -- Cancer Immunotherapy Lessons Learned

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Effectively Scaling Up The Oligonucleotide Manufacturing Process

Learn how purpose-driven decisions backed by a thorough process that reaps you the largest profit potential over time can result in a successful scale-up.

How To Secure A Sustainable Supply Of Raw Materials

How can pharma companies secure the supply of vital APIs and intermediates and maintain consistent manufacturing costs? These steps minimize supply chain insecurity in a rapidly changing market.

Innovation, Tech, And Collaboration In Advanced Materials

Demands for flexible, scalable, cost-effective manufacturing are prompting cell and gene therapy manufacturers and CDMOs to implement single-use technologies for manufacturing their therapies.

LNP Formulation For mRNA Delivery

Microfluidic mixing is one of the most effective means to formulate lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) for scalability and reproducibility. Explore LNP formulation, polishing, sterile filtration of mRNA-LNPs, and more.

Scale-Up And BLA Planning For Microbial Biomanufacturing

Early planning for scale-up and biologics license application activities can maximize your chances of success by allowing sufficient time to develop launch options and prevent costly delays and setbacks.

What Goes Into Your Production Media?

Learn what production medium best suits your needs and how to facilitate the production of large volumes of a biologic drug.

Next-Generation Sequencing For Adventitious Agent Detection In Cell Banks

NGS-based methods for agnostic broad range detection are suitable options to augment or replace current virus testing methodology. Explore a NGS AAT method for cell line characterization and more.

Optimizing Target Purity And Recovery With Buffer Additives

This webcast showcases the unique selectivity of mixed-mode chromatography and details the use of buffer additives for optimal target purity and yield.

Intensification Strategies For Upstream, Downstream Processes

How do you know if an intensification approach will provide advantages? Three process intensification experts show how different intensification approaches affect outputs using different scenarios.

Multiattribute Methods For Biopharmaceutical Analysis

Explore three perspectives on the capabilities and adoption of MAM workflows within the biopharmaceutical industry in addition to MAM resources for process and product control of biotherapeutic proteins.

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