Newsletter | January 23, 2023

01.23.23 -- AI/ML In Drug Discovery & Development: Potential And Challenges

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Overcoming Powder Handling Challenges In Biopharma Manufacturing

Production facilities across the globe have been required to handle an ever-increasing amount of powder, creating bottlenecks and inefficiencies throughout the entire product pipeline.

High-Yield Protein Production System For Suspension CHO Cells

Attributes of the new and improved CHOgro High Yield Expression System help researchers obtain gram quantities of protein, simplify workflows, and shorten development pipelines.

Maintaining Data Integrity And Compliance Of Your Osmometer

Data integrity issues are a leading issue cited in FDA warning letters, mainly due to incomplete data. Learn how this can be prevented by ensuring compliance with data integrity.

Top Four Considerations For Tech Transfer Performance

Successful tech transfer is how long-term strategic CDMO relationships begin. A product’s continued success may hinge on this critical exchange of product data and required regulatory filings.

Lentiviral Vector Producer Cell Line Generation For CAR T-Cell Therapies

A cell line development platform that enables the generation of producer cell lines (PCLs) directly in suspension, in accelerated timelines, has been successfully implemented.

Single-Use Bag Particle Testing To Ensure Surface Cleanliness

This application note explains the use of a liquid particle counter to qualify the cleanliness of single-use 2D bag assemblies.

How To Secure A Sustainable Supply Of Raw Materials

How can pharma companies secure the supply of vital APIs and intermediates and maintain consistent manufacturing costs? These steps minimize supply chain insecurity in a rapidly changing market.

De-Risking A Bioconjugate’s Development Path From Discovery To Clinic

Understanding the obstacles you may face during bioconjugate development, as well as the tools available to help overcome them, can help streamline your product’s path to market.

Strategies To Address Supply Constraints Related To Sterilization

As the demand for new vaccines and therapeutics increases, so does the demand for raw materials, single-use technologies, and flexible manufacturing. Explore supply challenges and a robust qualification process.

Outsourcing Highly Potent API: It’s What You Know And Who You Know

Discover challenges for drugmakers who may want to produce higher potency APIs but have built their manufacturing systems around broad-spectrum medications that don’t require high-containment facilities.

Optimizing Capture And Polishing Steps In An rAAV Purification Process

We adapted an affinity capture step for rAAV2 and rAAV5, followed by a polishing step with rAAV5 to improve the yield of rAAV full capsids.

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