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12.06.23 -- 7 Improvements In Clinical Supply Chain Management Your CFO Will Love


The Path To Commercialization

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7 Improvements In Clinical Supply Chain Management Your CFO Will Love

There is a great opportunity for clinical supply chain practitioners to learn from their commercial peers. By adapting and adopting the right commercial best practices, clinical supply chains become more effective, cost-efficient, and agile in delivering the right treatments to the right patients.


CDMO Timebombs: Five Ways The Wrong Partner Can Lead To Trouble

A manufacturing partner that can't manage your biologic's complexities can cause large and small problems that put your next level of funding, or even the future of your company, in jeopardy.

Current And Emerging Technologies To Optimize mRNA Manufacturing

Learn about the benefits of using mRNA for vaccines and therapeutics, as well as how you can address technical, intellectual property, and cost considerations when considering commercial production.

Building A Fully Single-Use Process With Protein A Membrane Devices

Explore results from a study demonstrating the capability of an intensified, single-use downstream process for a fed-batch cell culture harvest producing a representative mAb at an industrial scale.

Reliability Assessments And Benchmarking In Life Sciences

Gain insight into how a prominent medical device manufacturer observed a significant improvement in its plant-wide OSHA recordable rate and cost of goods savings of over $100,000/year in just one year.

Assessing Reliability, Confidence, And Batch Variation In PPQ Runs

Examine the procedures and benefits of two statistical methodologies and how new technologies are requiring a risk-based approach to calculate the necessary number of PPQ runs.

Soluble Versus Insoluble Expression In Microbial Fermentation

Expression of inclusion bodies has historically suffered a bad reputation in the industry. So, how do these two routes, soluble and insoluble, compare in terms of their advantages and challenges?

Process Transfer Of CHO Cultivations

Explore process engineering characterization results that demonstrate why the Minifors 2 is recommended for CHO cell culture processes and other shear-sensitive cell types.

Traditional Sensors, Single-Use Systems: Bridging The Connectivity Gap

The secure, leak-free connection of sensors to single-use assemblies is paramount in ensuring both the accuracy of the measurements taken and protection of the manufacture of expensive drug products.

Obtain Proteins With Optimal Properties For Commercial Applications

Tap into the vast diversity and potential of proteins found in nature using a unique protein platform based on machine learning and design of experiment.

Cutting Difficult Targets Down To Size

Discover a plasma B discovery workflow that addresses these problems by using cutting-edge single-cell screening technology to revolutionize antibody discovery.

Designing Agile Manufacturing With An Integrated Drug Product Ecosystem

Companies aiming to accelerate biomanufacturing operations and use resources efficiently need access to technologies that can safely and efficiently complete their workflow from idea to injection.

Different Environments Where Bacterial Endotoxins Can Be Found

It is necessary to have methods for determining bacterial endotoxins, as these endotoxins can cause infections that can be very serious.

mRNA Product Purification Process Strategies

Impurities from IVT can induce undesired immune responses and negatively impact translation efficiency. Explore the pros and cons of each option for mRNA purification.

From Nanoformed Powder To 3D Printable Ink

3D printing in pharmaceutics is advancing to offer innovative drug delivery applications. Explore the possibilities of forming stable suspensions in printing ink from nanoformed materials.

Bioreactor Monitoring: Quantifying Amino Acids In Spent Growth Media

This demonstration for biotherapeutic proteins manufacturers shows how combining CZE separations with MS detection can eliminate the derivatization step and simplify sample preparation.

Lyophilized Products Are On The Rise: What You Need To Know

There is increased demand for lyophilization services in the manufacturing of new biologic drugs and injectable formulations as well as in change of formulation presentation.


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