Gibco Dynamis Medium

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Powerful performance in a base medium
Gibco Dynamis Medium provides the power to achieve higher titers, faster process development, and seamless scale-up.

  • Achieved 74% higher titer compared to the next-best competitor, with highest growth in titer from day 14 to day 21 at 30% in CHO cells
  • Maintained higher cell densities and cell viabilities than competitors' media when fed with glucose
  • Supports robust growth of HEK293 cells for adenovirus production
  • Advanced Granulation Technology (AGT) dry media format enables a simple and scalable reconstitution process-just add water

Gibco Dynamis AGT dry format medium and liquid medium is specifically designed to offer the highest batch and fed-batch culture performance and yield with recombinant CHO cells in a chemically defined environment. Gibco Dynamis medium has also been shown to support robust growth of HEK293 cells for adenovirus production. The chemically defined, protein-free, animal origin component-free formulation provides the power to achieve high titers, start process development faster, and streamline or simplify transfer to manufacturing scale.

Power to achieve higher titers

Dynamis AGT Medium is fortified to help maximize recombinant CHO cell growth and protein expression in suspension batch culture, offering 170% greater production than select competitive media with simple glucose supplementation by day 14. Cultures grown in Dynamis AGT Medium extend to even higher titers demonstrating good cell viability out to day 21. This medium can also provide up to 60% greater fed-batch growth and production over glucose-only fed-batch culture for selected cell lines and applications when used with EfficientFeed C+ Supplement.

Power to start process development faster

As a fortified medium, Dynamis AGT provides the power to get to a high cell density over 10 million cells per mL faster than competitive products and sustains that cell density longer by just maintaining glucose levels. The viable cell growth achieved make it a good choice for scale-up if you have started with CD FortiCHO medium. When paired with EfficientFeed C+ Supplement, it provides a fast and efficient way to develop a process.

The power to streamline transfer to manufacturing

By choosing Dynamis AGT Medium, you obtain not only the benefits of the medium formulation, but also the benefits of AGT dry format technology. This all-in-one product is designed to simplify scale-up and manufacturing by being easy to reconstitute (just add water), with no adjustments of pH or osmolarity necessary. This can help provide efficiencies through supply chain simplicity, reconstitution simplicity, and therefore help reduce expense.

Use Dynamis AGT Medium when:

• The cell line you are using is a transfected CHO K1, GS CHO, or CHO-S cell line
• The cell line you are using is HEK293 for adenovirus production
• Maximum batch culture cell densities and protein titers are needed
• You have time to adapt cells into a new medium in an effort to maximize titers
• Cell health at harvest is a priority for downstream processing

Consider CD OptiCHO Medium when:
• You are using a transfected CHO cell line other than CHO K1, GS CHO, or CHO-S cell lines
• Optimization of feeding strategies will be part of your base medium selection testing in an effort to maximize productivity
• Your CHO cell line is hard to grow or adapt

Consider CD CHO Medium when:
• Your GS CHO cells are recommended to be grown in CD CHO medium
• Your cells have been successfully cultured in CD CHO medium in the past and your process is nearing a regulatory filing (DMF available)

Consider CD DG44 Medium when:
• You use parental DG44 or DXB11 CHO cells (dhfr-)

Design your own media specific to your needs

Whether it’s a bench-level experiment or large-scale biomanufacturing process, we offer specialized formats, packaging, and quality levels specific to your needs. With Gibco cGMP Media Custom Services, you can put the manufacturing power and years of technical experience of our R&D and Bioproduction Application Specialists to work for you.

HEK293 cells were seeded at 0.3 x 106 cells/mL in Dynamis Medium supplemented with 4 mM L-Glutamine and cultured in three 60 mL shake flasks (125 rpm, 37°C, 8% CO2). In all flasks, viable cell density (VCD) was measured on days 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7. By day 7, glucose was depleted in the culture. Glucose level monitoring and supplementation (e.g., 2 g/L glucose) at the beginning of the culture or as a supplement on day 4 is recommended. The results show consistent high-density growth performance with HEK293 cells in Dynamis Medium

A IgG-producing internal CHO clone was cultured in Dynamis Medium or other commercially available media for a period of up to 21 days with glucose levels maintained via supplementation. Titer values were normalized to 100% to the best competitor on Day 14. Not all media could sustain culture viability to the 21-day time point.

Dynamis Medium and ActiCHO P Medium had equivalent titer growth at day 14, in fed-batch culture, but Dynamis Medium had additional titer growth at day 18

An IgG-producing CHO-DG44 external cell line was cultured in Dynamis Medium and EfficientFeed C+ Supplement and other commercially available media and feeds for a period of up to 18 days.  Titer values normalized to 100% to the best competitor on Day 18.  AchtiCHO could not sustain culture viability to the 18-day time point. Balance CD CHO was close to Dynamis Medium in titer growth, but required 3 times more the feeding volume.

Dynamis Medium enables faster cell growth, higher sustained cell concentrations and overall IVCD results in higher volumetric titers

DG44 IgG producing cell line, when supplemented with just glucose over 21 days, showed that Dynamis Medium growth profile is unsurpassed for peak densities and  duration of culture against competitors. Dynamis Medium reaches 10 million cells/mL faster and maintains that level of high viable cell densities longer than the comparative products shown.

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