• Cytovance Biologics Capabilities Overview

    Cytovance® Biologics is a leading contract development and manufacturing provider of both mammalian and microbial service offerings to the biopharmaceutical industry from Clinical to Commercial success.

  • Cytovance Biologics Overview

    Cytovance® Biologics' mission is to partner with clients to provide integral pathways in converting novel API discoveries into future lifesaving therapies and diagnostics. At Cytovance®, we provide unparalleled support to biopharmaceutical companies to move candidate molecules from the bench through commercialization.

  • Cytovance Biologics pDNA Flyer

    Cytovance® Biologics is a preeminent biopharmaceutical CDMO that excels in the rapid and cost-effective development and CGMP clinical and commercial manufacture of large molecule APIs from mammalian cell culture, microbial fermentation, “flex” suites and plasmid DNA R&D-grade, Critical Reagent Grade™ and CGMP-grade materials.

  • RoSS®

    RoSS is an absolutely safe and tamper evident protective tray for 2D single use bags. It is compact and easy to handle during storage and shipping. The shell consists of the perfect combination of different materials that protect the bag from external impact.

  • RoSS.pFTU - Freeze-Thaw Platform

    RoSS.pFTU is a flexible plate-based freeze-thaw unit for any scale and batch sizes. The platform is compatible with single use bags of all manufacturers and sizes. RoSS.pFTU is the perfect solution if you are looking for a monitored and scalable freezing process. Our RoSS freeze/thaw units allow for the quickest possible freezing and thawing of drug substances. The platforms not only facilitate quick but also constant freezing and thawing of high-quality liquids with the advantage of maintaining the liquid’s quality and consistency throughout the process.