Insights On Enterprise Solutions

  1. Vendor Views On Bioprocess Innovation

    Two industry experts explain how vendors contribute to improving and enhancing bioprocess operations.They give insight on the future of single-use technologies and continuous bioprocessing in this ever changing market.

  2. Raising Standards Through Collaboration

    Agreed standards will drive all industry players towards the same goal: better bioprocessing. And efforts from BPOG, among others, are leading the way.

  3. Mapping The Evolution Of Biomanufacturing

    Processing has evolved thanks to single-use technologies and the next big transformation is on the horizon: continuous bioprocessing.

  4. Choosing The Right Technology For The Right Problems

    Biopharma manufacturers may choose to use stainless steel or single-use equipment. The decision will depend on the product portfolio and the company’s own needs and resources.

  5. Automated Processing Techniques And Lean Principles Are The Future

    Why new biopharma processing technology and automated processing is key to driving down costs and boosting facility efficiency.

  6. CHO Cell Cultivation In A DASbox® Mini Bioreactor System And DASGIP® Parallel Bioreactor Systems

    A helpful guide through all steps of a bioprocess, starting from the preparation of the inoculum to the preparation and operation of the vessels and bioprocess systems, the bioprocess run itself, and the analysis of samples.

  7. Container Closure, Pharmaceutical Glass And Plastic Testing

    This presentation features testing overviews for container closures, pharmaceutical glass and plastic and covers common tests and techniques for each.

  8. Characterizing Novel Microparticle-Encapsulated Drug Formulations

    Once you have successfully encapsulated an (API), the next task is to characterize that product and understand its release kinetics, such that it can be labeled and prepared for subsequent studies. Following are some lessons learned from characterizing the end product.

  9. Initial Considerations When Formulating Microparticle-Encapsulated Drugs Part 1

    The emulsion system created when forming microparticle can quickly become complex. Following are critical factors to consider when beginning work with microparticle formulation for a large protein molecule.

  10. The Advantages Of A Cross-Functional Staff Model In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

    An individual that knows the product and processes from start to finish having performed the tasks at each stage gives the client reassurance and the CMO retains a valuable employee by avoiding burnout or loss of focus.