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A Comparative Study: Small Scale E. coli Cultivation Using BioBLU® Single-Use and Reusable Vessels

Source: Eppendorf, Inc
A Comparative Study Small Scale E coli Cultivation Using BioBLU Single-Use and Reusable Vessels

By Claudia M. Huether-Franken, Christiane Schlottbom, and Sebastian Kleebank

In recent years single-use bioreactors gained more and more importance in animal and human cell culture. With the new line of BioBLU f rigid wall, stirred-tank single-use vessels Eppendorf offers premium solutions for microbial applications.

In the following case study, reproducible process control was achieved with parallel operated BioBLU 0.3f singleuse and reusable glass vessels, both used in an Eppendorf DASbox® Mini Bioreactor System. Fermentation of E. coli K12 led to very comparable results thus proving the tested single-use vessels to be an appropriate tool to accelerate microbial process development and shorten time-to-market in all industries related to microbial production processes.