Life Science Webinars

  1. Capture OTC Market Share For Geriatric And Pediatric Patients

    This webinar discusses how the unique properties of gelatin have been used to develop chewable softgel formulations for the pediatric and geriatric patient populations. 

  2. Why Are Lipid Formulations Commonly Used To Enhance Bioavailability?

    Thermo Fisher Scientific's Kaspar van den Dries and Helena Teles discuss potential mechanisms of increased absorption with lipid formulations and appropriate screening tools that are used during the development approach of these formulations, as well as scale up and industrialization considerations. 

  3. Venerated And Vital: Using Lipid Based Delivery For Fast And Efficient Early Phase Development

    Introduced to the pharmaceutical industry decades ago, lipid-based drug delivery systems are the most well-studied and widely utilized technology among all available bioavailability enhancement technologies. Lipid-based drug delivery systems have delivered more than 60 unique drug molecules to market – and counting. Watch this webinar to learn more about the importance of and recent developments in lipid-based drug delivery systems, novel lipid excipients, models, and screening tools for early phase development of lipid-based drug delivery systems, and using mechanistic studies and modeling to predict the impact of lipids on oral absorption.

  4. Mitigating Risk Through Product Characterization

    In this webinar, multiple approaches to characterizing the physico-chemical and structural attributes of therapeutic mAbs is presented with a focus on how it influences the resulting biological activity.

  5. How Molecular Structure Influences Potency Of A Therapeutic Biologic

    MilliporeSigma scientists, ranging in specialty from analytical to immuno-focused, give the listener an understanding of how an antibody’s molecular structure, of which there are many measurable properties that can be measured, influences its binding and affects potency of a therapeutic biologic.

  6. Standing Out In The Crowded Biopharma CDMO Market

    When CDMOs understand what motivates drug innovators to outsource, who is involved in the service provider selection decision, and which CDMO attributes have the greatest influence on CDMO selection they are able to communicate what is unique about their offering to the right audience at the right time. 

  7. Using Single-Use Technology To Enable Single-Pass Tangential Flow Filtration

    As the industry is looking to increase speed to market, reduce manufacturing resources and increase product safety, there has been a push to implement single-use technologies. Combining both SPTFF and single-use technology can be a powerful tool for the efficient manufacture of biologics.

  8. Cell Culture Scale-Up Using Stirred-Tank Single-Use Bioreactors

    This webinar discusses several scaling approaches, such as constant tip speed, kLa, and power number-based scale-up.

  9. Culture Of 3D Cell Aggregates In Perfusion

    This webcast reviews a research example for process development with the human tumor cell line H157, cultivated in stirred-tank mini bioreactors as 3D cell aggregates.

  10. Multivariate Data Analysis In Biopharmaceutical Development

    See applications of MVA and DoE in bioprocess development and how these powerful tools can be integrated in this live webcast.