Industry Insights

  1. Optimizing Clinical Outcomes For Challenging Molecules With Lipid-Based Drug Delivery Systems

    This article takes an in-depth look at how lipid-based drug delivery systems can be used as a bioavailability enhancing technology, as well as the softgel dosage form for their delivery.

  2. Are The Components In Your Prefilled Syringes Compatible?

    While a prefilled syringe offers many advantages for biologic products, manufacturers must evaluate the potential impact of a prefilled syringe on product quality prior to selecting the final components.

  3. Critical Opportunity For Pharmaceutical And Process Understanding

    Continued Process Verification (CPV), Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD), are driving pharma to improve product and process quality and efficiency.

  4. Cost Savings And Speed: The Untapped Value Of A Single-Source Solution

    Small and emerging companies face significant challenges in today’s market. This calls for an alternative solution to help them achieve success.

  5. Key Considerations When Sourcing Reference Products For Biosimilar Studies

    In order to ensure a smooth development and clinical process, companies must carefully plan their activities with regard to the innovator biopharmaceutical. 

  6. Tips For Performing Preparative Chromatography And Protein Purification

    This articles provides some fundamental tips and tricks to preparative chromatography that will yield a pure sample preparation that will advance protein characterization studies.

  7. Optimizing Titer and Use of a Specific Enzyme for Generating a Fully Processed Antibody

    An outline of the cell development and process scale-up for an antibody program in which the antibody requires additional processing by a site-specific enzyme for correct functionality.

  8. Change Management For laboratories When Introducing New Technologies

    What businesses need to know about change management when it comes to adopting new technologies in their labs, and how can lab managers introduce new technologies without ‘rocking the boat’ too much.

  9. Delivering Drugs To Market In A Shorter Timeframe

    Rather than saving an hour here and there, reducing cycle times and ultimately reducing the time between key milestones is the key to real transformation.

  10. Important Considerations For Lab Scale Protein Purification

    Protein purification at the lab scale bridges the gap between small-scale exploratory protein purification and high-throughput operations, such as industrial- scale manufacturing.