Industry Insights

  1. Top 5 Risks Facing Your Small Biopharma Clients Today

    For small biopharma innovators, steep development costs are compounded by the fact that large molecules are becoming increasingly complex and present serious clinical or manufacturing problems.

  2. Next-Gen Bioprocessing Advances With Innovation, Collaboration, And Education

    Industry stakeholders are coming together to share knowledge and expertise, explore new processes, and advance a culture of innovation.

  3. Real-Time Monitoring Of Pharmaceutical Shipments

    Supply chain visibility is ever paramount to the success of your shipping program. What criteria should you consider when evaluating solution providers offering monitoring devices whose data can be accessed from the provider’s software platform in real-time?

  4. WuXi Biologics Creates Next-Generation Continuous Manufacturing Platform

    Many biologics companies will partner with a contract development and manufacturing organization that can provide the required expertise and resources as well as flexibility of operations.

  5. What Water Treatment Advancements Mean For Pharma

    Pharmaceutical water is key to the production of pharmaceutical drug products, and there have been a number of technological advancements in high-purity pharmaceutical-grade water.

  6. Determining The Right Type Of Biomanufacturing Capacity

    In selecting a biomanufacturing platform, it's necessary to properly understand what the industry needs are and what aspects of the drug development and clinical pathway you intend to support with your new manufacturing capacity. Having a rigorous selection and assessment criteria will ensure you make the right decision.

  7. Tackling The Challenges Of Biologics Development And Manufacturing

    Biologics offer distinct advantages that small molecule drugs do not, but they are far more complex to develop and manufacture. Read why it is critical to have the right manufacturing partner to minimize challenges as a therapy moves from discovery to commercialization.

  8. What Are Exosomes?

    Gain an understanding of  exosomes which are recently attracting attentions of researchers as new mediators of cell-cell communication transporting biomolecules such as lipids, proteins, and RNAs in vivo.

  9. Comparing Culture Methods In Monoclonal Antibody Production

    In development of all pharma production processes, including hMAbs produced by CHO cells, decisions regarding the best parameters and methods are made based on cost, time, and titer comparisons. 

  10. Make The Right Container Choice For Critical Environments

    There are a number of factors to be taken into consideration when selecting containers for use within a critical environment.