Our mission at NanoTemper Technologies is to create biophysical tools for scientists in drug discovery and development who need to tackle challenging characterizations. We build instruments that enable researchers everywhere to develop new and improved drug modalities – from small molecules to biologic therapeutics and AAVs– for a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Confidence in your biologics pipeline

What if, from a screen of 1000 candidates, you could use a single instrument to narrow down to just one candidate for further development?

NanoTemper tools reveal liabilities in drug candidates that are missed by other technologies.

With biophysical profiling of critical stability parameters, narrow down your pipeline faster and feel confident that the choices you’ve made are the right ones.

Select the best candidates for development, engineer more stable protein therapeutics, and find optimal formulation conditions to get your biologics to market.

Discover instruments to improve biologics selection

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Prometheus Panta

With Prometheus Panta, you’ll see liabilities or stability enhancements that other technologies miss.

Only Prometheus Panta enables you to measure thermal stability, aggregation, and particle sizing and dispersity in a single run – label-free, and without using lots of sample. Unveil hidden stability behaviors and feel confident that you’re progressing with the best candidates and conditions. Get trustworthy, high-resolution data on your protein’s stability from Prometheus Panta.

Prometheus Panta measures thermal unfolding, particle sizing, and aggregation simultaneously, throughout an entire thermal ramp, for high-resolution, domain-specific stability characterization of biologics.


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