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  1. MilliporeSigma Bioprocess Guide

    The ultimate user experience for exploring technologies, products and services needed in your biopharmaceutical process.

  2. Mixing Characterization In High-Viscosity Solutions

    Primarily designed for the processes of mixing high concentration buffers and floating media powder, the Mobius Power MIX systems also meet the challenge of blending in high-viscosity solutions.

  3. Eshmuno® P Chromatography Resins

    High performance, acid and alkaline resistant affinity chromatography resins designed for the removal of anti-A and anti-B antibodies from plasma-derived immunoglobulin (Ig).

  4. Clarification Solutions for Pre-treated Feed Streams

    How polymers and depth filters provide an effective solution for harvesting high cell density cultures that can be easily incorporated into current clarification platforms.

  5. New Performance Assay For Eshmuno P Resins

    To reduce the variability in the measurement of the anti-A and anti-B titers, an assay was developed for the routine quality control testing of Eshmuno P resins.

  6. Chromatography Resins For The Removal Of Unwanted Anti-A And Anti-B Antibodies

    Resins allow customers to design the immunoglobulin purification processes with a primary goal of reducing patient risk through an additional chromatography operation.

  7. Millistak+® HC Pro Datasheet

    Millistak+® HC Pro (high capacity synthetic media) is a family of synthetic depth filters providing a cleaner and more consistent depth filtration media over current diatomaceous earth (DE) and cellulose (CE) based filter offerings. Multiple media grades are available for primary and secondary clarification as well as downstream filtration applications.

  8. Chromabolt® Prepacked Chromatography Columns Performance Guide

    Prepacked chromatography columns provide an economic advantage by freeing up end users valuable time and resources by eliminating manual packing and cleaning.

  9. Millipore Express® SHC Hydrophilic Filters Datasheet

    Millipore Express® SHC (Sterile, High Capacity) filters provide superior throughput and capacity in applications where sterilizing-grade performance is needed and premature filter plugging is a concern. These filters are ideal for sterile filtration of cell culture media, protein solutions and other high fouling fluids. Millipore Express® SHC filters contain two polyethersulfone membrane layers, 0.5 μm/0.2 μm, and come in a range of device formats and sizes to suit your application needs.

  10. Mixing Characterization For Buffer And Media Preparation: Mobius® Power MIX 2000

    Mixing of buffers (sinking powders) and media (floating powders), especially at high volume, presents substantial challenges in getting good dispersion and dissolution of particles. The creation of a vortex and abundant surface movement in the Mobius® Power MIX 2000 is key to the success in these processes. The axial and radial flow patterns allow for quick distribution of sinking powders, minimizing settling at the bottom of the vessel.