Cytiva provides the expertise and tools spanning a wide range of applications from basic research of proteins and cells to large-scale purification of biopharmaceuticals. Within the bioprocessing space, Cytiva provides products and expertise for developers and manufacturers of biotherapeutics to enable efficient, flexible and cost-effective approaches to characterization, expression and purification of biomolecules. The company offers tools and support to take recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, plasma proteins, oligonucleotides and vaccines from research, through process development, to full-scale manufacturing. Cytiva has a "healthymagination" vision for the future to improve quality, decrease costs and increase access to better healthcare around the world.

Bioprocessing: cell culture, chromatography and filtration solutions, and analytics

Cytiva's portfolio encompasses both upstream and downstream processing and includes solutions for large-scale production as well as tools for process development, Quality by Design, analytical analysis and flexible manufacturing. Some key product areas are listed below:

  • ReadyToProcess™ - a platform of ready to use, and single use, flexible-manufacturing equipment, includes WAVE Bioreactor™ systems and Cellbag™ single-use cell culture bioreactors.
  • Xcellerex™  - a single-use technologies platform including XDR bioreactors, XDM Quad Mixers, and related single-use assemblies
  • PreDictor™ 96-well plates and PreDictor RoboColumn™ units for process development of chromatography separations
  • ULTA™ filters for sterile filtration and clarification applications
  • MabSelect SuRe™ LX, the Capto™ media family; and Capto ImpRes all modern BioProcess™ media for all phases of purification
  • ÄKTA™ systems for all scales of chromatography and filtration
  • AxiChrom™ chromatography columns
  • Technical support, and training through Fast Trak services

Cytiva's products enable improvements in process efficiency through optimized performance, advanced automation, integrated unit operations, and technical support. These solutions allow agile manufacturing with shortened development times and excellent facility utilization. The company offers complete start-to-finish solutions in a range of areas such as monoclonal antibodies, plasma proteins, oligonucleotides and vaccines, and is continuously developing its range of products and services.

Additionally, Cytiva has a range of products for characterization and analysis of biomolecular interactions and biomolecule stability, including Biacore™ SPR and MicroCal™ DSC systems.



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