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Newsletter | May 24, 2023

05.24.23 -- Purification Service Providers & Suppliers Ready To Help

Slurry Bin Functionality With The DAC Ergo

See how our optional stainless-steel bin works in conjunction with the DAC Ergo to capture spent media. One operator can even change over a column in as little as 15 minutes.

Learn How To Automate Mass Confirmation And Purity Determination

Owen Cornwell, Waters Senior Applications Specialist, provides a demo of the INTACT Mass app on waters_connect to automate mass confirmation and purity determination.

Automated And Sensitive Benzonase Quantification In Whole-Cell Lysates

Learn about an automated western blot system that automates residual Benzonase screening with reproducible and sensitive quantification in HEK293T whole-cell lysates.

Chromatography Method For Purifying Infectious Virus Particles

This application note demonstrates a chromatography method for purifying reovirus RNA virus particles using a benchtop chromatography system, HiTrap brand columns, and Capto brand Core 700 resin.

Chromatography Solutions For AAV Full And Empty Capsid Separation

Effective separation of full and empty AAV capsids requires implementation of purification strategies that differ from standard approaches used for traditional modalities. Explore two cases describing such approaches.

Used Amicon Vantage Chromatography Column

Used Amicon Vantage Chromatography Column, serial# VA180-42.

Protein A Chromatography Resin: Amsphere A3

Amsphere A3 is a next generation Protein A chromatography resin for advanced protein separation in downstream processing of therapeutic antibodies manufacturing. It has an overall improved process robustness, flow characteristics, optimized impurity removal, productivity, and resin lifetime.

Purification Of DNA Oligonucleotides Using AEX Chromatography Webcast

In this presentation, we explore impurities removed by strong anion exchange chromatography for the advancement of these molecules as therapeutics and a cost-effective, efficient, and scalable purification method.

CHO Host Cell Protein ELISA Kit, 3rd Generation

The CHO HCP ELISA Kit, 3G provides robust performance supported by decades of in-house technical expertise. The CHO HCP ELISA Kit, 3G is able to detect HCPs in the range of 100 parts per billion for a variety of antibodies and other therapeutic proteins expressed in CHO.