BAUSCH Advanced Technology Group Vial Filling, Labeling, And Inspection Line, New 2021

Group Vial Filling, Labeling and Inspection Line

SKU: 4427-1

Item Name: BAUSCH Advanced Technology Group Vial Filling, Labeling and Inspection Line, New 2021

Manufacturer: BAUSCH Advanced Technology Group

Location: United Kingdom

This unused 2021 BAUSCH Advanced Technology Group (BATG) vial filling line includes:

  • Bausch type 721 de-bagging machine for vial tubs sized 221 x 379 x 49.5 mm, with oRABS
  • Bausch type 411 enclosed sterile transfer chamber to decontaminate outer surfaces using 4 UV light lamps
  • Bausch type 721 de-lidding and de-nesting of the vial tubs under isolator
  • Bausch type 534 filling and closing machine for stoppers, operates under class A conditions into an isolator for toxic products, rotary infeed table, pre- and post-weighing for the In-Process Control (IPC) of a 100% weight verification of each vial, pre-gassing with nitrogen, dosing using 4 peristaltic pumps with a filling accuracy of up to ± 1%
  • Bausch type 551 closing machine for aluminum crimp caps and flip-off with rotary infeed table, under isolator
  • Bausch type 309 cleaning machine for external washing, rinsing and drying of the vials with vial discharge into trays, under isolator.
  • Total floor space approx. 11,917 x 2,639 mm (LxW), max. height approx. 3,910 mm.

Includes inspection and labeling:

  • Brevetti A30LD fully automatic vial inspection machine for the inspection of particles, alu-cap crimping, flip-cap (top view), flip-cap color, stopper presence, glass defects (cracks), fill-level and leak detection using high voltage; with change parts suitable for a container diameter of 8 to 36 mm and a maximum height of 135 mm, capacity up to 200 vials per minute.
  • Bausch type 603 vial labeling machine, label height from 15 to 80 mm, label width from 20 to 120 mm, core diameter of the label reel from 47 to 76 mm, maximum outer diameter of the label reel 400 mm, Domino type V230i thermal transfer printer for LOT, EXP, MFD, etc. with 3 lines of maximum 10 characters per line, 2 Cognex cameras for inspecting print and barcode verification of the labels, discharge of the labelled vials into 2 discharge trays or 1 reject tray.
  • Total floor space approx. 7,154 x 1,789 mm (L x W)

Includes change parts for vials:

  • • 2ml injection vial (2R) (16 ± 0.15 mm x 35 ± 0.5 mm height)
  • • 6ml injection vial (6R) (22 ± 0.2 mm x 40 ± 0.5 mm height)
  • • Capacity up to 9,900 per hour on 2R and 6,600 per hour on 6R.