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02.28.24 -- Are Single-Use Technologies Always The Answer?


Precision Radiopharmaceuticals With Ratio's Jack Hoppin, Ph.D.

Multimodal approaches to the delivery of radiologically active compounds have created a fertile environment for players in the space to put on a precision medicine clinic. What’s more, radiopharmaceuticals create a unique business opportunity given the closely related and necessary companion diagnostic arena. Business of Biotech sits with Jack Hoppin, CEO of Ratio Therapeutics, a company that’s well-positioned with a fresh Series B and the foundation of a tunable radiotherapeutic. Listen now!


Are Single-Use Technologies Always The Answer?

Beneath the apparent benefits of single-use technology, a web of considerations challenges the belief that they're unequivocally cost-effective. Let's look at the costs and risks associated with SUTs.


The Advantages Of N-1 Process Development For mAb Development

Explore how N-1 process development can lead to significant improvements in mAb production processes and review considerations for successfully implementing N-1 process development.

5 Key Factors For Reliable Screening Results In Incubation Shakers

Read through five examples of how the right screening equipment helps achieve better results and avoid picking the wrong candidates.

Revolution In The EU Pharmaceutical Legislation Ahead

Discover the impact revised pharmaceutical legislation will have on the industry by superseding regulations that have fostered the availability of safe and effective medicines for the past two decades.

Pathways To Bioreactor Process Scaling

Learn how digital standardized tools can simplify your scaling practices, help you better predict and visualize scaling needs, and reduce trial-and-error experimentation.

Scaling-Up CHO Culture-Based Antibody Production From 3 L To 30 L

Review a study exploring the feasibility of scaling up 3 L of CHO culture to 30 L using single-use bioreactors without using multiple controllers or managing turnover with multiple runs.

Future Proofing The Cell And Gene Therapy Supply Chain

Uncover guiding principles to ensure that your CGT supply chain is future-proof and learn how an agile, flexible approach can help advance your project with reduced costs and delays.

New Container Protects Bulk Frozen Biopharmaceuticals

Learn more about a flexible freeze container that maintains package integrity after freezing at minus 86 °C. (minus 123 °F) through its durable design, minimizing product loss due to package failure.

Reaching First-In-Human Trials Faster: Connect With The Right Partner

Assessing outsourcing partners’ credentials in people, technology, supply chains, and integration will make all the difference as sponsors aim to streamline processes on the path to commercialization.

The Modular Advantage: Stick Built Vs. Modular

There are three major options when building a pharmaceutical grade cleanroom on your existing site — stick built, modular, or podular. Here, modular installation and stick built construction are compared.

Enhance Virus Clearance Process Capability With Biodegradable Detergent

Learn more about an effective, biodegradable solution for the viral inactivation process that controls protein impurities and is compatible with downstream unit operations.

Testing For Endotoxin In Cell Therapy Products

Learn about the risk of endotoxin contamination in cell therapy products and how the LAL assay and recombinant endotoxin assays address these concerns to ensure the safety of cell therapy products.

Simulated Control Strategy For Product Diversion Management

Explore a manufacturing platform that integrates perfusion bioreactor technology; continuous product capture, low pH viral inactivation, and polishing steps; viral filtration, and formulation steps.

Robust CHO Cell Expression Platform For High-Quality Biomanufacturing

Rapid development of high-quality cell lines is vital to biomanufacturing projects. How developers approach the fundamental steps can define their core biologics capabilities and keep projects on track.

Single-Use Connections Advance Aseptic Processing

John Boehm discusses how single-use connections advance aseptic processing and create increased process flexibility and reliability while reducing costs.

Conjugating Antibody To Drug Using Novel Technology For Better ADCs

Explore how a novel conjugation technology is enabling streamlined and cost-efficient production of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), driving the development of effective targeted cancer therapies.

Can Yeast Be The Future Of Efficient Subunit Vaccine Manufacturing?

To aid in the manufacturing of new vaccines, Pichia pastoris yeast, a promising protein expression system, could be the perfect solution.

6 Ways Single-Use Technology Will Actually Save Time And Money

Utilize these strategies to develop a functional equivalence model for single-use manufacturing equipment and assemblies for use in drug product manufacturing.

Identifying Sustainable Pathways Toward Oligonucleotide Therapeutics

What sustainable manufacturing processes best address oligonucleotide environmental impact while maintaining scalability?

Maximizing ROI Through Equipment Liquidation

Learn how the expertise and resources of a strategic equipment management partner can optimize your resource recovery when selling equipment.


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