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  1. FedEx TranSmart: Pharmaceutical Shipping Services

    If you ship pharmaceutical samples to licensed practitioners and hospital pharmacies, FedEx TranSmart® is a robust, reliable tool that helps you comply with Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA) rules issued by the FDA — without any capital investment.

  2. Antibody
    Anti-phospho RB (Ser780) monoclonal and polyclonal (Cdk4/CyclinD1-specific phosphorylation site) reacts with only phosphorylated pRB at the site of Ser780
  3. High Performance Hardware Units
    The S Series of high performance data recording units has three members
  4. Coarse Manipulator
    This coarse micropipette positioner can be used in conjunction with a fine micromanipulator
  5. PCR System
    The FailSafe PCR System combines a blend of thermostable enzymes with an extensively tested set of
  6. Enzymatic Peptide Synthesis
    Enzymatic Peptide Synthesis is designed to make peptides and small proteins of biological and pharmaceutical interest...
  7. Speedlight Platinum GDS
    Lightools Research introduces the SPEEDLIGHT PLATINUM GDS, designed from the ground up for gel documentation
  8. Software For Signal Analysis And Processing: AutoSignal®
    AutoSignal® is the first and only program that completely automates the process of analyzing signals. Save precious time by eliminating the programming time normally required for performing sophisticated signal analysis.
  9. Containment: Pharmaceutical Powder

    ILC Dover has worked with our customers to develop Flexible Containment Solutions for a wide variety of processes within the pharmaceutical industry.

  10. Scandium Trifluoromethanesulfonate, Microencapsulated
    Wako has introduced another catalyst in its line of "Green" Chemical Reagents.