products, brochures and datasheets

  1. Wet Ink Roll Scanner: Scan Wet-ink™

    Reducing cross contamination- Scan W-ink uses new state-of-the-art technology that will not absorb or smudge wet or tacky ink

  2. SP2/0 HCP ELISA
    Recombinant expression by the hybridoma cell line SP2/0 is a relatively simple and cost effective method for production of monoclonal antibodies intended for use as therapeutic agents in humans.
  3. Cary Eclipse Software

    The software for the Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer is available as an Analysis or Bio package. The Analysis software package works for chemical, polymers, and materials applications.

  4. Drug Safety Issue Tracking Software
    Monitoring and tracking the efficiency and accuracy of organizations’ drug safety reporting process can help to ensure issues are logged and investigated when they arise, avoiding delays and/or inaccurate reporting which can result in lack of regulatory compliance, monetary fines, and unwanted scrutiny.
  5. Contract Manufacturing and Packaging Services

    Biotest Laboratories manufactures a variety of products through numerous semi-automated and manual manufacturing lines.

  6. MPU Series Couplings: Medical-Grade Polysulfone, 3/4" ID
    The MPU’s twist-to-connect design features an easy-to-use locking mechanism that guards against accidental disconnects and provides a reliable, secure connection. A 3/4" hose barb provides smooth, rapid media transfer.
  7. Interferon Omega (IFN- w )
    Interferon omega, also known as leukocyte (II) interferon, is a type I interferon found along with alpha interferons in cellularly produced leukocyte interferon
  8. Purification Ligands - Protein A
    Protein A binds proteins from many mammalian species, in particular it binds with high affinity to the Fc region of IgG’s. When immobilized on a matrix, e.g; Sepharose, Protein A can be used to isolate IgG from crude protein mixtures.
  9. Refrigerators and Freezers
    This 11 ft3 Slim Profile refrigerator and freezer features adjustable temperature control, digital temperature display and a
  10. ÄKTAcrossflow™ Automated Cross Flow Filtration

    ÄKTAcrossflow™ is the first fully automated system for cross flow filtration process development and is ideal for filter screening and process optimization at small-scale.