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  1. NpH Klenz® Neutral pH Cleaner
    NpH-Klenz is a neutral pH liquid cleanser for use in ultrasonic washers, hospital washer decontaminators, and automatic cart washers. NpH-Klenz is designed to clean stainless-steel surgical instruments including, but not limited to, biopsy brushes, scrub brushes, cannulas, chisels, clamps, cutters, dissectors, forceps, scissors, knives, suturing needles, scalpels, and surgical instrument motor accessories (such as drill bits and saw blades).
  2. Drug Safety Software Adverse Event Reporting
    TrackWise by Sparta Systems’ Adverse Event Reporting solution tracks reported adverse events and manages the processing of all cases from initial triage through reporting and case closure.
  3. Mix-Mode Chromatography Resin

    Mixed-mode chromatography resin is a top tier selection for the manipulation, purification and handling of molecules; providing an unmatched level of separation properties and resolution. The combination of cation exchange resin and metal affinity resin properties, allows multimodal chromatography to provide an access route for biomolecules to separate and the use of alternative chromatographic methods make these biomolecules seem homogenous.

  4. Facility Engineering Services For Biopharma / Pharma Manufacturing

    CRB offers design solutions to meet the full range of your facility engineering needs. Our facility engineers provide worldwide experience in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals, biotech, science & technology, food, nutrition & consumer products and mission critical. Our technical strength combined with a 30 year history of hands-on experience with regulated facilities around the world ensure you have a facility design partner who you can rely on.

  5. 660 FTIR Spectrometer

    The Cary 610 FTIR microscope is the highest performing FTIR microscope solutions in the industry. A robust, precision-engineered component set enables it to provide superior sensitivity for applications in areas such as biomedical and materials research.

  6. Skin Tissue - Apoptosis Detection Kits
    The DermaTACS Kit was developed to provide researchers with an effective method for measuring apoptosis in skin samples
  7. TrackWise EQMS: Training Management Software
    The TrackWise Training Manager extends the functionality of the enterprise quality management Software system (EQMS) to provide automated tracking and managing of employee training, ensuring relevant activities are scheduled and tracked through to completion.
  8. ASME Vessels
    The American Society of Mechanical Engineers' Code for pressure vessel design and fabrication is recognized throughout the world for its high standards of quality and safety...
  9. Thermostatted Column Department
    Able to fit in a single stack for low bench space requirements, the 2300 Series column has rack space for
  10. CFT™ Ceramic Fluoroapatite Media
    CFT ceramic fluoroapatite, Ca10(PO4)6F2, is a rigid, spherical macroporous support used in the purification of biologically active compounds. CFT is a composite of fluoroapatite and hydroxyapatite prepared by chemically converting hydroxyapatite nanocrystals to fluoroapatite with a fluorine reagent.