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  1. Lucivid
    Accurately overlays graphics or text onto the microscope image
  2. Aptuit INDiGO™ - Drug Development Services

    Aptuit INDiGO™ is a customized drug development method that accelerates early drug candidates by reducing the time from API to IND submission. It’s a fast track, at times as brief as 26 weeks, that does not cut corners or compromise safety.

  3. DNA Extractor SP Kit

    DNA Extractor SP Kit efficiently extracts DNA fragments contained in serum and plasma...

  4. Calibration Manager
    Designed from inception to satisfy the rigorous FDA requirements, installed at 1500 sites, nine of the top 10 Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies
  5. Supporting Advances In mAb Process Development And Manufacturing
  6. Reliance® 1044 Laboratory Glassware Dryer
    The Reliance 1044 Laboratory Glassware Dryer is a heavy duty, fully automatic dryer utilizing forced air to efficiently dry loads.
  7. Focht Chamber System 2 (FCS2)
    The Focht ChamberSystem 2 (FCS2) is a closed system, live-cell micro-observation chamber, that offers several advantages over other chambers
  8. Synergy™ Mx Monochromator-Based Multi-Mode Microplate Reader
    Synergy Mx is completely monochromator-based and comes with absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence detection.
  9. ULTA Normal Flow Filtration (NFF)

    ReadyToProcess ULTA normal flow filter capsules are single-use filters designed for laboratory through process scale applications. GE Healthcare provides filtration solutions and support for integrated bioprocessing applications at every step and every scale of the drug development, validation and manufacturing process.

  10. Process Development And Scale-Up Of Ceramic Hydroxyapatite

    CHT is a leading purification medium of biomolecules in today’s demanding downstream process industry. Its mixed-mode support offers unique selectivities and often separates biomolecules that appear homogeneous with other chromatographic methods. The diverse binding capabilities of CHT for host cell proteins, leached protein A, antibody dimers and aggregates, nucleic acids, and viruses allow its use at any stage from initial capture to final polishing.