Bioprocessing White Papers

  1. Improving Compliance And Manufacturing Efficiency In Life Sciences

    Current market conditions such as regulations and mergers or acquisitions make improving compliance and manufacturing efficiency while driving to grow revenue and margins difficult. 

  2. Low Particulate Carboys Can Help Improve Biopharma And Vaccine Production

    Some products cannot be filtered prior to final fill, requiring a process which limits particulate-contributing factors wherever possible. Pre-cleaned, sterile, ready-to-use containers ease this burden.

  3. Leverage The Internet Of Things Within The Laboratory

    As science-based organizations look to leverage the internet of things (IoT) within the laboratory, careful consideration must be given to available technologies, data formats, and platforms. 

  4. Pharma Production Tech Transfers: Reaping Rewards, Reducing Risks

    Transferring production — and the technologies that undergird it — can be risky. The same product can behave differently in different equipment, resulting in low yields or even batch rejections.

  5. Best Practices In Formulation And Lyophilization Development

    The ultimate goal of formulation development is a stable product. In the case of a protein product, that can be defined as delivering the correct dose, in the native secondary and tertiary structure, without unintended chemical modifications, and free of extrinsic and intrinsic particles. In many cases, a lyophilized formulation can provide the highest probability of technical success. A well-designed product development plan can develop a phase 1 product quickly, while laying the foundation for commercial product success.

  6. Test Parameters For The Leak Test Of Single-Use Systems With The Palltronic Flowstar LGR Instrument

    Leak testing of single-use systems (SUS) or biocontainers, post-installation and prior to actual use, reduces the risk that a system or a biocontainer that may have been damaged during shipping, receiving, handling, storage, or installation could contribute to valuable product loss.

  7. Accelerate Flavivirus Vaccine Production With Modern Bioprocess Tools And Solutions

    This white paper gives an overview of modern tools and solutions, adding flexibility and speed to both upstream and downstream operations in flavivirus vaccine production.

  8. Managing Risk In Biomanufacturing

    This white paper focuses on how a structured and transparent risk management process can align the needs of patients with drug manufacturers and their suppliers, regulators, investors, and employees. 

  9. Evaluating Pharma And Biopharma Facility Design Options

    In the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry several factors have converged to change the landscape in regard to facilities.

  10. Blow-Fill-Seal For Biologics: Breaking Through In Pharma Packaging

    As the industry continues its move toward biologics, innovative solutions and technologies will be needed to ensure a safe and reliable approach to the manufacturing and delivery of these drugs.