Solentim Cell Metric® X - Clone Imaging with Automated Assurance


Cell Metric® is a high contrast imager designed for single cell imaging, identification and clonal outgrowth characterization.

Clonal Assurance on Day 0

Cell Metric® set the standard for high-contrast imaging. Cell Metric X raises the bar, delivering faster, easier clonality verification on day 0 to accelerate your path to IND submission—with zero compromise in quality.

Simplify Clonal Assurance with Artificial Intelligence

Identify single-cell clones on day 0 with artificial intelligence-based Automated Evidence of Clonality (AEC) and move from testing to IND submission weeks faster.

Streamline Your Process

Cell Metric X portfolio includes a 10-position plate stacker, and compatibility with third party robotics. Integration with the STUDIUS™ data management platform and the entire Solentim Ecosystem automates clonality reports and streamlines decision making.