Quality Process Ensures Thermal Packaging Reuse

Source: CSafe Global

This is the first of a two-part blog discussion about the challenges in, and value derived from, a temperature-sensitive packaging reuse program.

Reuse Programs Drive Savings

There are many examples of companies who get multiple shipments from reusing their cold chain shippers.  Many of the shipping solutions being reused have high price points and are reused on low volume lanes where the cost versus risk is easily controlled.  Regulatory compliance necessitates life science companies maintain the temperature assurance of their sensitive materials throughout the cold chain distribution process.  The challenge is ensuring compliance while deriving value, cost savings and potentially a competitive advantage from the cold chain supply process.  The global life science manufacturer in this case study reuses their packaging in a manner that satisfies its stakeholders - regulators, quality, operations/distribution, marketing, procurement, supply chain and most importantly, their customers.