Nalgene Rigid Containment Solutions


Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Nalgene rigid containment tiered portfolio include standard and custom bottles and carboys to cover a wide range of applications, sizes, and connection systems. With the addition of platinum clean rigid containment products, designed specifically for the storage and transport of active, high-value pharmaceutical ingredients and bulk intermediates. Our bottles and carboys help to create flexible operating systems when integrated with Thermo Scientific hardware, automation platforms, and other accessories for rapid scale-up—from process development to commercial manufacturing.

The Tiered Portfolio Approach – Choose your level of clean:

Standard Clean

  • Available sterile or nonsterile
  • Manufactured from high-quality resins
  • Dimensionally optimized design
  • Features handles, volume graduations, and leakproof* closures


Certified Clean

  • SAL of 10–6 inside and outside of the container
  • Compliant with USP <788>
  • <0.5 EU/mL endotoxin
  • Produced in clean room
  • Triple-layer packaging
  • Double-walled carton


Platinum Certified Clean

  • SAL of 10–6 inside and outside of the container
  • Below one-third of the allowable USP <788> particulate limits
  • <0.25 EU/mL endotoxin
  • Washed with WFI and inspected, assembled, and packaged in Class 5 (100) cleanrooms with Class 4 (10) hoods and full gowning for operators
  • Triple-layer packaging
  • Double-walled carton