Case Study

Case Study: Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Eases The Time Burden Of Proofreading With New Software

Source: GlobalVision

For the multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, compliance with ever changing government regulations is a way of life. It is also an everyday reality that mandates drug companies to stay on top of all the latest technology to not only meet the vast and growing array of specs and protocols, but also continue to deliver better products and services to their customers and end-user patients.

Pulling off such a feat on a daily basis in a cost-effective way requires superior QC (quality control) competence at all levels of the manufacturing and distribution processes—not the least of which comes with producing packaging, labeling and marketing materials.

"In 2007, there were significant process changes implemented for product labeling and marketing materials," relates Janssen- Ortho Inc. product packaging manager Louise Swinton, for the rendering of Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board (PAAB)-approved text, as well and regulatory-issued product monographs and labeling copy approved by Health Canada.

The new changes had significant repercussions for the Toronto- headquartered pharmaceutical innovator that markets and distributes a broad range of medications used in the treatments of psychiatric and neurological disorders—including dementia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder—as well as various treatments for cancer, gastroenterology, infectious disease and urology, among others.