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06.17.24 -- How CTMC And KSQ's Partnership Is Accelerating TIL Research


Webinar: A next-generation medium and feeds system to improve productivity in CHO cell lines

Learn about the benefits of a next generation CHO medium and feeds system to support performance improvements in CHO-K1, CHO-K1 GS, CHO-S, and DG44 cells, including improved production capability and protein quality, sustained cell viability and more. Presenters will detail results from the use of this chemically defined offering designed with an innovative multi-omics based approach. Click here to learn more.


How CTMC And KSQ's Partnership Is Accelerating TIL Research

CTMC can be described as a boutique CDMO, but their relationship with KSQ is a true partnership that leverages MD Anderson’s experience with oncology research to take TIL therapies to the next level.

Best Practices In Fermentation Bioprocess Development

Stefan De Kok, Director of Fermentation at Zymergen, shared his work in biomanufacturing R&D, as well as the DARPA project he worked on and the importance of fermentation expertise in biomanufacturing.

What To Know About CRISPR Screens And Bulk Spheroid Production

Achieve a more physiologically relevant setting with less reliance on model animals when studying diseases like cancer through the combination of CRISPR screening and bulk spheroid production.

Accelerating DNA To MCB To Generate High-Titer And High-Quality Cell Lines

The goal of this study was to implement a high-throughput technology for the single cell cloning step, supporting improved clone outgrowth, early prediction of high producers, and fast clone expansion.

Simplifying CHO Cell Line Genetic Stability Testing

Here, we describe the use of whole genome sequencing to perform a comprehensive assessment of genetic stability in clonally derived CHO cell banks using the Aptegra™ CHO genetic stability assay.

Robust CHO Cell Expression Platform For High-Quality Biomanufacturing

Rapid development of high-quality cell lines is vital to biomanufacturing projects. How developers approach the fundamental steps can define their core biologics capabilities and keep projects on track.

Accelerating Gene Edited Cell Lines With CRISPR Technology

This study establishes an effective and rapid process for developing a p53 knockout HEK-293 cell pool using CRISPR-based gene editing and antibiotic screening.

Uncover The Intricacies Of Transposase-Mediated Genome Engineering

In this presentation, experts provide insight into transposase-mediated genome engineering, genetic quality control, and the maintenance of genetic stability in cell line generation.

How Does AbZelect Improve Cell Line Development Productivity?

Discover two new CLD platforms that offer cost efficiencies and provide options to de-risk the pathway to IND application, marking a significant advancement in the field of biologics development.


A ballooning clinical-stage ADC development community is putting stress on both manufacturing capacity and antibody engineering and conjugation talent. What does this burgeon mean for ADC manufacturing, process development, and, ultimately, clinical progress? Join Bioprocess Online Live on July 9th as we navigate the complexity of the ADC manufacturing environment. From linkers to payloads to conjugation, we’ll cover the lay of the land for developers. Registration is free thanks to the support of Cytiva.


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