White Paper

Glossary Of Multivariate Statistical Methods

Source: CAMO Software, Inc.

Multivariate data analysis (MVA) can be complicated, especially for people new to the field, so we’ve put together this handy glossary, written by world leading experts with many years experience in MVA.

The amount of data collected and stored in the world is growing at an incredible pace. Today, an increasing number of industries have recognized they need more powerful tools than classical statistics to make sense of their complex data. This is where multivariate analysis is proving invaluable in helping identify patterns that provide deeper insights into the masses of data available.

Since our formation in 1984, CAMO Software has been a pioneer in the field of MVA, working with many of the largest companies and most prestigious research institutes in the world. We believe that while the data you analyze might be complicated, the software tool you use should not be. That’s why our leading multivariate and design of experiments software, The Unscrambler® X is known for its ease of use, outstanding graphics and state of the art analytical methods.

We hope you find this glossary useful, and would be happy to discuss your multivariate analysis requirements in more detail. You can find other useful resources at www.camo.com