Newsletter | February 23, 2024

02.23.24 -- Fluid Management: Suppliers Poised To Meet Demand

Bioprocessing Fluid Transfer Sets

Learn in detail about fluid transfer sets, designed for the transfer of sterile fluids from one container to another, that support bioprocessing research and manufacturing.

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Charter Medical

Connectors For Simplified System Integration And Minimized Operator Risk

Explore the Genderless Aseptiquik® W Series Connectors with a nominal 1 ½” flow path that enables quick and easy sterile connections, in large-volume, high-flow production and process intensification environments.

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Tuflux SIL Silicone Tubing

Sartorius Tuflux SIL is designed to facilitate fluid transfer in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes including media and buffer processing, filtration, fermentation, and cell harvest.

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Accurate Aseptic Aliquoting Of Small Volumes

RoSS.FILL Lab Scale is a fully automated filling platform at smallest footprint with state-of-the-art technology for highest accuracy to fill up to 12 single-use bags in standard configuration.

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Single Use Support

Simple Ready-To-Ship Single-Use Assemblies

Mobius® Essential Assemblies are single-use bag and tubing assemblies that offer speed and flexibility while reducing contamination risk. These assemblies are made with premium, industry-proven films and support your risk assessment.

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Biochemical And Genomic Reagent Transfers With The Echo 525 Acoustic Liquid Handler

The Echo 525 Acoustic Liquid Handler features a rapid acoustic liquid handling design specifically for biochemical and genomic reagent transfer, highly precise and accurate low volume transfers.

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Danaher Life Sciences

GORE STA-PURE Flexible Freeze Container

Single-Use GORE STA-PURE Flexible Freeze Containers are intended for handling, transport and storage of frozen bulk drug substances, after freezing at -86°C (-123°F). These resist cracks, breaks, or leaks if accidentally dropped.

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W.L. Gore & Associates

Pharma+ Tubing Retainers

Experience leak-free fluid transfer like never before with our advanced tubing retainers featuring a revolutionary lead-in ramp ensuring complete 360° compression to prevent leaks.

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Allegro MVP Single-Use System

The Allegro MVP system uses fully disposable flowpaths, and incorporates single-use sensors for control and monitoring of key parameters. This enables processing to be conducted at optimum conditions, using fully automated process sequences.

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Bioprocessing Fluid Management And Nalgene Containment Solutions

We take pride in providing bioproduction facilities with a range of high-quality storage, transport, and sampling options, including our Thermo Scientific BioProcess Containers (BPCs) and our portfolio of Thermo Scientific Nalgene containers.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Bioproduction

Aramus Shaped 2D Single-Use Bags

Aramus™ 2D single-use bags provide that high purity, exceptional compatibility, and increased safety for critical process fluids and final products are now available in custom shapes, sizes, and assembly configurations.

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Entegris, Inc.

Connect Single-Use Solutions To Next Gen Therapies

The leading provider of modular, highly customized, and fit-for-purpose solutions, Avantor is the only open-architecture fluid handling provider to offer complete design, manufacturing, and logistics to support at every stage of your process.

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The unique ePTFE and platinum-cured silicone composite structure of GORE STA-PURE Pump Tubing, Series PCS for peristaltic pumps is ideal for critical drug processing applications.

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W.L. Gore & Associates

Used Biopharma Bioreactors

Federal Equipment Company's inventory features bench-top fermenters and bioreactors for use in research and development through pilot and scale-up fermentation systems and all the way up to commercial production bioreactors.

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Federal Equipment Company

Ready-To-Use, Disposable Flasks For Shaker Culture Applications And Storage

Ready to use and ideal for shaker culture applications and storage, all of our disposable Erlenmeyer flasks feature molded in graduations for accuracy, are certified nonpyrogenic and individually packaged, and come with a vent cap option.

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Corning Life Sciences

Hollow Fiber Microfilter Simplifies Cell Culture Clarification

BioOptimal MF-SL is a hollow fiber microfilter that utilizes an efficient filtration mechanism based on size exclusion and tangential flow filtration. These two aspects allow the filter to smoothly and effectively separate the contents of a solution.

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Asahi Kasei Bioprocess