BioOptimal MF-SL Hollow Fiber Microfilter


BioOptimal MF-SL is a hollow fiber microfilter that utilizes an efficient filtration mechanism based on size exclusion and tangential flow filtration. These two aspects allow the filter to smoothly and effectively separate the contents of a solution.

Process simplification

BioOptimal MF-SL is able to clarify solutions quickly and completely in a single processing step. Therefore, it simplifies the cell culture clarification process and makes it more cost-effective by eliminating the needs for large investments like centrifuges and expensive disposable items like other depth filters.

Key Features

  • Low TMP (Trans Membrane Pressure)
  • High flux, short filtration time
  • High protein permeability & recovery rate
  • Very low permeate turbidity, less bioburden
  • Low pressure stress at filtration process