Accurate Aseptic Aliquoting Of Small Volumes

RoSSFILL Lab Scale_product photo

RoSS.FILL Lab Scale

Automated aseptic filling for labs | 1mL - 1000mL

Accuracy is key: Fully automated filling platform at smallest footprint with state-of-the-art technology for highest accuracy to fill up to 12 single-use bags in standard configuration.

RoSS.FILL Lab Scale is therefore most suitable for filling small volumes in cell & gene therapies or seed train intensification.

Features and Benefits

  • Fill up to 12 single-use bags in standard configuration

  • Automated aseptic filling for volumes of 1mL-1000mL per bag

  • State-of-the-art technology for highest accuracy

  • Flexible setup to optionally attach multiple racks/weights

  • Automated pinch valve with stepper/sealing/perforation-function

  • Drug substance recovery possible

  • Reliable platform with custom-made single-use assemblies

  • Bag & connector agnostic setup

  • Easy to install

  • Suitable for cleanroom

Advanced Sealer & Stepper Pinch Valve

3 functions in 1 device:  Fast filling with variable fluid control and simple aseptic decoupling

Automated Stepper Function:

  • Closed or open or anywhere in between

  • Run your pump at 100% speed - allow the stepper to control the fill rate

  • Unprecedented levels of control in your fill recipe

  • Fastest filling rate

  • Fill several bags in parallel

Automated Sealing Function:

  • Dropless disconnection by sealing

  • No need for cumbersome post processing of metal seals and giving the benefit of removing sharp edges

  • Fully aseptically closed – no risk of leakage

  • Simple Aseptic Decoupling: safer, automated disconnection

  • The fully tested sealed tubings withstand a temperature of up to -190°C

Automated Perforation for Fast Disconnect:

  • Simple aseptic decoupling

  • No need for external tools

  • No risk of contamination