Newsletter | September 15, 2023

09.15.23 -- Discover An Integrated Solution For AAV Vector Clinical Production

Exploring An Integrated Solution For AAV Vector Clinical Production

Every choice is critical in AAV vector production. Experts share how to make the right choices across all of the key variables, from the process and cell line to off-the-shelf plasmids and qualified analytical methods. Gain a blueprint for a complete platform approach that is consistent, efficient, and delivers a process that easily scales up.


Process Optimization For mAb Commercial Manufacturing

Process characterization and validation is an important step in product development. Learn more about the details of the optimization process for both upstream and downstream processes, and review a case study on how to strategically decrease the timeline from process optimization to commercial manufacturing.


Cell & Gene Therapies – Changing The Healthcare Landscape

The cell and gene therapy (CGT) market is growing rapidly and is anticipated to continue growing as it is a new driver in healthcare innovation. CGT provides and produces transformative solutions. Experts discuss how CGTs are changing the healthcare landscape and what needs to be done to bring these advanced therapies to patients.



UpTempo℠ AAV Platform Process

As the pipeline of viral vector-based therapies continues to reach later stage studies, a standardized manufacturing process is necessary for CMC requirements from regulatory agencies and to meet accelerated timelines. Catalent’s UpTempo℠ AAV platform process is a scalable, cGMP-ready process for manufacturing that can reduce the development timeline by half.

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