White Paper

White Paper: Creating A Culture Of Quality In The Manufacturing Industry

Source: Sparta Systems, Inc.

For years, the manufacturing industry has been in the midst of a struggle between two opposing forces – supply chain management and supply quality management. The quality of manufacturing must be linked directly to the efficiency in the supply chain – so that products are manufactured quickly and effectively.

So why are supply chain management and quality so difficult to reconcile?
The answer at first seems disarmingly simple. The biggest challenge facing the manufacturing of all perishable goods is a genuine disconnect between C-level management and those responsible for ensuring strict quality procedures. The only way to confront these challenges is for organizations to create a "culture of quality" that begins at the top and permeates down through the supply chain.

But in reality, enforcing this "culture of quality" is much easier said than done – it has to be more than a clever catch phrase. As in most industries, the first step in correcting the problems is realizing that the problems exist.