ÄKTA oligosynt™ Oligonucleotide Synthesizer

Source: Cytiva

The ÄKTA oligosynt™ oligonucleotide synthesizer is a compact, fully automated oligonucleotide synthesizer built for research and process development laboratories. The system supports a robust and easily scalable oligonucleotide synthesis process and transfer to larger oligonucleotide synthesizers with high yield and quality.

The ÄKTA oligosynt™ system’s flow-through technology, high pump accuracy, wide scale and the low hold-up volume make it suitable for different scales and types of oligonucleotides. Process development and optimization are supported by flexible and easy method creation and transfer that support scale up, while the system’s advanced data processing capabilities and analytical tools allow efficient monitoring and control of the synthesis. An interactive process picture, placement of all modules on system front, and transparent method overview make the system easy to use.