Single Use Featured Solutions

  1. 4.5 Liter Benchtop Freeze Dryer Systems

    The FreeZone 4.5 Liter Benchtop Freeze Dryer System is a compact laboratory lyophilizer with ice holding capacity for light to moderate sample loads.

  2. Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC)
    Quality Issues - The objective of PYRAMID Laboratories, Inc. (PYRAMID’s) Quality Assurance (QA) program is to ensure that all manufacturing processes and data collected are scientifically valid, of known precision and accuracy and properly documented.
  3. Analytical Services
    Contract Testing - PYRAMID Laboratories, Inc.’s (PYRAMID’s) technical capability, quality and capacity to perform a variety of analytical applications has served the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries for many years.
  4. MPC Series Polycarbonate WhiteClips Validation Report

    Colder Product’s MPC03 Series, polycarbonate couplings are widely used in bioprocessing and medical device applications.

  5. BioFlo®/CelliGen® 115 Benchtop Fermentor & Bioreactor

    The BioFlo/CelliGen 115 takes the complexity out of equipment selection, set-up and operation. It features a totally integrated control station with a color touchscreen interface, built-in pumps, gas flow controllers, pH/DO, foam/level controllers and more — no external PC needed.

  6. Purified Proteins
    OriGene Protein Collection is provided to our customers to further address their needs for a complete experimental solution encompassing cDNAs for overexpression, shRNA for underexpression, antibodies for detection and now proteins for functional evaluation.
  7. RapidVap N2/48 Evaporator

    RapidVap N2/48 Evaporation Systems use nitrogen blow down, vortex motion and heat to speed evaporation of up to 48 small samples or eight 450 milliliter samples at once. A stream of nitrogen or dry gas is directed downward onto the surface of the sample.

  8. Brochure: Chemical Guide For Carbon Filtered Enclosures
    The data included in the Chemical Guide has been compiled from current public sources. The chemicals listed are those included in the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards, 2005.
  9. DrumQuik® PUR Series: Drum Connectors
    DrumQuik PUR is an easy-to-use solution for extracting high purity chemicals from rigid containers using common pumps within a closed-system design. The integrated flare outlet fitting allows easy connections to chemically resistant tubing.
  10. Gemini VII 2390 Series Surface Area Analyzers
    Accurate, Fast and Economical Micromeritics’ Gemini VII 2390 Series of surface area analyzers rapidly and reliably produces accurate and repeatable surface area and porosity results. Their low cost, high speed simplicity of use, reliability, and ruggedness have earned the Gemini a place in research and quality control laboratories worldwide.