Single Use Featured Solutions

  1. HyPerforma Single-Use Bioreactor (S.U.B.) Condenser System

    The Thermo Scientific™ HyPerforma™ Single-Use Bioreactor (S.U.B.) Condenser System specifically supports the effective use of the HyPerforma 2000 L S.U.B. and is also available as an auxiliary product for all other S.U.B. systems. It efficiently condenses exhaust gases and transfers condensate back into the bioreactor, preventing potential vent filter blockage and reducing fluid loss due to evaporation. It is offered in both single and double chill-plate formats.

  2. Single-use Clarification Systems: Sartoclear Dynamics®

    Sartoclear Dynamics® is a new single-use technology for harvesting animal cell cultures with high cell densities. Consistent results, ease of use, enormous speed and flexible scalability are the key characteristics of this technology.

  3. CPC General Catalog

    Colder Products Company has been designing and manufacturing quick disconnect couplings, fittings and connectors since 1978. Our broad range of products can be found in thousands of applications across many markets including life sciences, specialty industrial and chemical handling.

  4. Connection Solutions for Biopharmaceutical Processes Catalog

    The reliability of single-use systems results in increased productivity through the reduction of system downtime associated with cleaning and cleaning validation. Reducing downtime of key processes allows manufacturers to increase output while also decreasing time to market.


  5. C-Flex® EZ Top® Container Closure Improves Productivity Versus Stainless Steel

    Improving your aseptic fluid transfer, sampling and sealing processes with C-Flex® EZ Top® Container Closure Assemblies.

  6. Datasheet: ReadyToProcess™ ULTA™ Normal Flow Filter Capsules and Assemblies

    GE Healthcare Life Sciences ReadyToProcess normal flow filter capsule assemblies are disposable normal flow filters designed for laboratory through process scale processing, with typical volumes ranging from a few hundred milliliters to 1000 L of solution.

  7. Improve Adherent Cells On Microcarriers With Air-Wheel Bioreactors

    Because PBS Biotech’s Air-Wheel, single-use bioreactors produce much lower shearing forces, the technology is improving the culture of adherent cell lines in bioreactors. We show the advantage of the low shear mixing of
    PBS Biotech® bioreactors on cell attachment and growth in a comparative study against a 200 mL traditional stirred bioreactor.

  8. Air-Wheel™ Bioreactor Offers Seamless Transition From Stirred-Tanks In Fed-Batch CHO Process

    The novel, low shear single-use bioreactor system from PBS Biotech® has the potential to offer unmatched performance in shear-sensitive applications involving microcarriers and viral production, but we show here that processes developed and optimized in a traditional stainless steel stirred-tank system can be easily transferred over to the PBS platform with at least equivalent results and the potential for better performance.

  9. PBS 15 Air-Wheel Bioreactor

    Take the lead and seize a competitive advantage with the PBS 15 state-of-the-art single-use bioreactor. The PBS 15 liter tabletop system is the most advanced disposable bioreactor available on the market today.

  10. PBS 80 Air-Wheel Bioreactor

    The PBS 80 all-in-one, stand-alone system is the most advanced single-use bioreactor currently available. The PBS 80 is the smallest, most efficient, easy-to-use, disposable 80 liter bioreactor in the biopharmaceutical industry.