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  • Single Molecule Measurement: Best Practices In Biomarker Detection
    Single Molecule Measurement: Best Practices In Biomarker Detection

    By Mark Roskey, Vice President and General Manager, Applications and Reagents 

    The human genome encodes thousands of secreted proteins, each of which is an actor in the delicate biochemical balance of diagnostics. Even a slight change in any one of these proteins can mean the difference between sickness and health. Such a change also provides a critical window into the body and helps to direct diagnosis and treatment, however, the vast majority of secreted proteins are present in concentrations well below what conventional technologies can measure, and their role in human health is poorly understood. Researchers have continued to seek ways to detect and diagnose earlier and more accurately through protein detection, and have been unsuccessful at doing so – until now.

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Automated Incubator for Assays: BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator for Assays: BioSpa 8

BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator links BioTek readers or imagers together with washers and dispensers for full workflow automation of up to 8 microplates. Real time control and continuous temperature, CO2/O2 and humidity level monitoring, along with lid handling ensure an ideal environment for cell cultures during all experiment stages, with minimal manual intervention. BioSpa’s software, which features customizable text or email notifications and alerts, also relieves the need for onsite monitoring. The software’s session timelines and environmental reports allow quick scrutiny of the process and system status. BioSpa 8 automates assay workflows by repeated manipulation and storage of microplates containing live cells or temperature sensitive reagents. Link one washer or dispenser, one plate reader or imager, or one of each for start-to-finish workflow automation. BioSpa 8 is ideal for efficient automation of short or long-term cell based and other temperature, gas and humidity sensitive processes.

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