Life Science Webinars

  1. Preclinical Immunogenicity Risk Assessment of Biotherapeutics

    Among the primary causes for attrition in early clinical development are safety and pharmacology issues. In the case of biopharmaceuticals, immunogenic and hypersensitivity reactions are perhaps the largest contributors to such early clinical failures

  2. Developability of Biotherapeutic Candidates, Reducing the Risk of Failure

    It is estimated that only one out of every 1,000 preclinical candidates reaches the commercial market. The ability to assess the “developability” of a therapeutic candidate in late discovery through clinical phases of development can be an extremely powerful tool to enhance the chance of clinical success. Screening of potential candidates in the discovery process will help to reduce costs, risk (attrition) and overall development time.  Being able to assess the manufacturability and safety of the drug candidate, before large investments are made, allows companies to focus on the most promising candidate and maximize R&D spending.

  3. Designing An Advanced Protein A Chromatography Resin

    The relationships and considerations of bead structure, pore structure, surface chemistries and ligand design on affinity resin performance targets.

  4. Advancing Research In Skin Biology with Metabolomics

    This 30-minute webinar demonstrates how metabolomics can be a powerful tool in dermatological and skincare research.

  5. Leveraging Metabolite Biomarkers For Clinical Trials

    This 30-minute webinar will introduce a robust, highly sensitive biomarker development program that leverages a revolutionary metabolomics discovery platform to improve the range of analytes that can be measured routinely and reliably.

  6. Tapping The Metabolome For Answers- A State Of The Art Approach

    This 30-minute webinar provides a brief overview of recent advances in metabolomics technology and methodology, which together have advanced the field of metabolomics.

  7. H.R. 3204 Drug Quality And Security Act

    After so many years of struggling with how to comply with the California ePedigree requirement, we now need to know how to comply with the new federal requirement, H.R. 3204. This webinar will review DQSA requirements and timelines.


  8. Accelerate Your Study Initiation With CFS Startup InSite™

    Get your trials up and running faster and your products to market more quickly. Learn how Startup InSite™ technology and the CFS Clinical Contract and Regulatory Services team speeds up the process.

  9. In Silico and In Vitro Tools for the Rational Design of Novel Subunit Vaccines

    Dr. Noel Smith will describe Lonza’s Epibase™ in silico and in vitro tools for acceleration of the design and assessment of effective subunit vaccines.

  10. Process Development And Optimization Using ambr250™ For Mammalian And Microbial Processes

    New webinar on improving process development timelines with mini bioreactors details fermentation and bioprocessing data generated by ambr250, a high-throughput, fully automated bioreactor system.