BIO From The Editor and Guest Columns

  1. Biosimilar Automatic Substitution In The EU5: Current State & Future Outlook

    At present, automatic substitution of biosimilars at a pharmacy level is not practiced in the EU5. Recent and future changes in the EU5 market access environment and regulatory landscape may favor automatic substitution, but implications on the biosimilar market are yet to be determined.

  2. FDA FY2018 Drug Inspection Observations And Trends

    The FDA recently published GMP drug inspection data from CDER that addresses drug inspections conducted during the agency's 2018 fiscal year. This article examines the FY2018 data and evaluate six years’ worth of trends in FDA GMP inspection enforcement.

  3. Why EU’s New Med Device Regs Matter To Biopharma

    Pharma's CMC regulatory affairs staff, R&D leadership, manufacturing, quality and compliance professionals take note: the EU MDR is real, it becomes effective next May, and it brings with it new challenges and regulatory uncertainty for manufacturers of combination products.     

  4. Comparing U.S. & EU Guidances On Combination Product Approval ProcessES

    New EU draft guidance, Guideline on the quality requirements for drug-device combinations, and U.S. draft guidance, Principles of Premarket Pathways for Combination Products, are the latest attempts to regulate combination products. In Part 2 of this series, we cover the EU guideline and show how two diverge.

  5. Facilitating Data Integrity Through Risk-Based Confirmation Of Performance

    We in pharma and biopharma are required to verify or check or double-check an action or event to be sure it was performed and performed correctly. But what do these words really mean? How do they differ in terms of their actual execution?

  6. Pharma 4.0: Building Quality Into Pharma Manufacturing, From Molecule To Medicine

    A race is being run to create the pharmaceutical manufacturing of the future and with Pharma 4.0, powerful market trends are shaping the running field.

  7. An Intro To Prefilled Syringe Selection: Needle-Free And Dual-Chamber Devices

    This two-part article will provide an introduction to the three general prefilled syringe (PFS) types and will share important factors to take into consideration for your drug product. In this first part, we will discuss the needle-free PFS and the dual-chamber system.

  8. FDA’s Woodcock: Biosimilar Development Promotes Future Of Better Biologics

    While some regulators may express skepticism that we’ll see major changes to the clinical component of the biosimilar development pathway, Woodcock’s DIA keynote exemplified what I found to be a strikingly different attitude about the future possibilities for biosimilar development.

  9. Abcentra Chief Looks Beyond The Clinical Horizon

    Why Bert Liang, M.D., Ph.D. obsesses over at-scale manufacturing and regulatory challenges from the outset of clinical trials. 

  10. CAR T-Cell Therapies: Current Limitations & Future Opportunities

    Novel technologies to address areas left unaddressed by Kymriah and Yescarta have started streaming into the research arena. This article focuses on the barriers to widespread commercial adoption of the currently available CAR T cell therapies, and opportunities for developers of next-generation treatments.