Enterprise Solutions Webinars

  1. Going Intensified, Connected Or Continuous?

    Hear how an adaptive and evolving platform of proven and novel technologies enables biomanufacturers to successfully accomplish their bioprocessing goals through either intensified, connected or continuous bioprocessing.

  2. Using Single-Use Technology To Enable Single-Pass Tangential Flow Filtration

    As the industry is looking to increase speed to market, reduce manufacturing resources and increase product safety, there has been a push to implement single-use technologies. Combining both SPTFF and single-use technology can be a powerful tool for the efficient manufacture of biologics.

  3. Cell Culture Scale-Up Using Stirred-Tank Single-Use Bioreactors

    This webinar discusses several scaling approaches, such as constant tip speed, kLa, and power number-based scale-up.

  4. Culture Of 3D Cell Aggregates In Perfusion

    This webcast reviews a research example for process development with the human tumor cell line H157, cultivated in stirred-tank mini bioreactors as 3D cell aggregates.

  5. Multivariate Data Analysis In Biopharmaceutical Development

    See applications of MVA and DoE in bioprocess development and how these powerful tools can be integrated in this live webcast.

  6. Optimizing A Biosimilar Production Process

    This webinar discusses a research project focused on determining if the three primary methods of production for a typical biosimilar (batch, fed-batch, and perfusion) may be simply and easily executed using a single, benchtop bioprocess control system.

  7. A Systematic Approach To Extractables And Leachables: A Review Of Guidance From The Industry

    This presentation discusses the basic definitions of extractables and leachables, including details from a case study done using prefilled syringes and a second using a single-use bag.

  8. Cell-Based Assays In A GMP Environment: Approaches For Clinical And Commercial Stability Studies

    This presentation demonstrates that in vitro, cell-based assays is an indispensable tool to quantify the biological activities, and to support the potency tests, for bio therapeutics.

  9. BioContinuum™ Platform And What’s In It For Biomanufacturers?

    Hear how an adaptive and evolving Platform of proven and novel technologies enable biomanufacturers to successfully accomplish their bioprocessing goals through either intensified, connected, or continuous bioprocessing.

  10. Virus Risk Mitigation In The Development Of Biological Medicinal Products: A Global Regulatory Perspective Vaccine Cell Bank And Virus Seed Characterization

    An overview of the regulatory requirements given in the latest guidance documents as well as a description of new technologies for determining the identity of cell substrates and virus seed stocks and detecting adventitious agent contamination.